King Charles Backs Harry & Meghan Post-Royal Exit


King Charles Backs Harry & Meghan Post-Royal Exit
King Charles Backs Harry & Meghan Post-Royal Exit © WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment

The British monarchy, with its longstanding traditions and protocols, rarely fails to capture the world’s attention, and King Charles's latest decision is no exception. In a move that many did not see coming, he granted royal titles to the children of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, causing ripples throughout both the royal corridors and the international community. Given the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x's well-documented departure from their official royal duties, this choice by King Charles has become a focal point of heated discussions and debates.

Tom Bower, a respected figure in the realm of royal commentary and a prolific author on the subject, voiced his concerns with unmistakable clarity during an interview with Express US. He described the king's decision as nothing short of a "grave mistake", asserting that such unprecedented choices should carry significant ramifications. In Bower’s assessment, not only should there have been reservations about bestowing royal titles upon the Suss*x children, but the very idea of inviting Prince Harry to the Coronation should have been deliberated upon more cautiously.

Monarchy's Image Questioned: Bower

Bower's apprehensions stem from his perspective that Meghan and Harry's decisions, particularly their exit from royal responsibilities, have jeopardized the revered image of the monarchy. "Their choices and subsequent actions have posed challenges to the monarchy's age-old standing," remarked Bower. "Given this backdrop, for King Charles to honor their children with titles of prince and princess might be perceived as a misaligned decision, possibly even an oversight in royal judgment."

However, this narrative is but one side of a multifaceted story. While detractors echo Bower's sentiments, many others view King Charles's move as emblematic of a new era in the royal lineage. To these observers, the decision underscores a monarchy that's evolving, reflecting a more inclusive and progressive attitude. Is it possible that we are witnessing the dawn of a modern monarchy, one that prioritizes unity and adaptation over stringent adherence to tradition?

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