Prince William's Disappointment Over Prince Harry's Alleged Brainwashing

Royal Siblings' Unresolved Tensions Amidst Personal Struggles

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince William's Disappointment Over Prince Harry's Alleged Brainwashing
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Prince William's apprehension for his younger brother, Prince Harry, and his perceived change in behavior raised concerns about potential 'brainwashing.' In his candid memoir, "Spare," the Duke of Suss*x revealed how his emotional well-being drew Prince William's attention, leading to a significant family concern.

In the pages of his memoir, Prince Harry disclosed how Prince William became alarmed as he noticed a shift in his brother's demeanor. The Prince of Wales was genuinely worried about Prince Harry's welfare. Prince Harry's response was to assure his elder brother that he was addressing his emotional struggles through therapy, but Prince William remained unconvinced.

While Prince William was on tour in Pakistan, he sent a heartfelt text to Prince Harry, expressing his unease about his brother's well-being. Prince Harry acknowledged his gratitude for the concern and reiterated that he was on a path to recovery. He explained that his emotions had overwhelmed him while interacting with a room full of sick children and their parents, shortly after becoming a father himself. In his view, this reaction was entirely normal.

Brotherly Concerns Ignored

However, Prince William's concerns persisted. He continued to express his belief that Prince Harry needed help beyond therapy and was possibly under the influence of external forces. Prince Harry shared the exchange in his memoir, recalling the moment Prince William suggested he was being 'brainwashed.'

In response to Prince William's persistent concerns, Prince Harry extended an invitation, urging his brother to join him in a therapy session, emphasizing that it would be beneficial for both of them. Regrettably, Prince William did not take him up on the offer, failing to show up for the session.

The memoir's revelations shed light on the complexities of the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William, highlighting the genuine concern Prince William had for his brother's well-being. This candid account of their interactions during a challenging period in Prince Harry's life underscores the importance of open communication and support within the royal family. Despite the differences and concerns, the bond between the two brothers endures as they navigate their individual paths in the public eye.

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