Hugh Bonneville's Surprising Announcement: End of a 25-year Marriage

Amidst celebrations, a chapter quietly closes for Bonneville

by Zain ul Abedin
Hugh Bonneville's Surprising Announcement: End of a 25-year Marriage
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Fans were taken aback recently when Hugh Bonneville, renowned for his role as Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham in the acclaimed series "Downton Abbey," revealed the end of his 25-year marital journey with wife, Lulu Williams. This unexpected revelation, as cited by the Daily Mail, has certainly made headlines in the entertainment world.

Only days before this announcement, Bonneville, 59, was noticeably unaccompanied by Lulu, 55, at Michelle Dockery's wedding - a fellow 'Downton Abbey' alum. His absence of the wedding band further ignited the speculations.

The pair, once frequently seen in public together, had last been spotted at a gala held at the Old Vic Theatre, London, back in April. Intriguingly, Bonneville still donned his wedding ring during a May 7 appearance at the King’s Coronation Concert, though Lulu was conspicuously absent.

Bonneville's Marriage: Echoes of Devotion

The heartbreak behind their split is more poignant considering that just five years ago, the couple romantically renewed their vows at Graceland chapel, Las Vegas. A source disclosed to The Sun the depths of Lulu's sentiments on their separation, stating she feels "two decades of marital bond seems dismissed."

Over the years, Bonneville has been vocal about his profound appreciation for Lulu. In numerous interviews, he often referred to her as his "anchor" and “bedrock.” This makes the sight of him, sans wedding ring, all the more poignant during Dockery's wedding to Jasper Waller-Bridge, where he appeared in high spirits.

Close sources shared with The Sun, “The local community knew them as a vibrant and sociable duo. It's disheartening to witness this turn of events." The source added that, “Hugh has been significantly involved in filming projects this year, which had him away from home. There's also been a noticeable change in him, appearing more lean and radiant."

The love story of this iconic couple commenced back in November 1998, a bond that became the talk of the town. Their separation, surely, leaves fans and well-wishers reminiscing their cherished moments together.