Kourtney Connects with 'Heal' Doc Amid Kim Feud

Family ties strain as secrets come to light

by Nouman Rasool
Kourtney Connects with 'Heal' Doc Amid Kim Feud
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In the wake of a brewing conflict with her sister, Kim Kardashian, the eldest Kardashian sibling, Kourtney Kardashian, has turned to the enlightening documentary, "Heal", for guidance and solace. The tension between the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, once hushed whispers, became public knowledge during the premiere of the fourth season of "The Kardashians".

The friction reached its zenith when Kim voiced concerns about a notable shift in Kourtney's demeanor, post her May 2022 marriage to rock musician Travis Barker.

Kim Exposes Family Concerns

Kim's disclosure during an emotionally fraught phone call took many by surprise.

"You've changed. We all notice it," she revealed, referencing a group chat that featured Khloé Kardashian and the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie. More shockingly, Kim mentioned that Kourtney's children had confided in her about their worries related to their mother.

However, a more hurtful revelation for Kourtney was her discovery of a group chat among her siblings, explicitly named 'Not Kourtney', emphasizing the widening rift within the family. In an attempt to find clarity and perhaps solace amidst this turbulent phase, Kourtney turned to the "Heal" documentary.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she opened up to her vast follower base about the emotional refuge she found in the film. "Just finished watching Heal," she began, her tone reflective and appreciative. She continued, emphasizing her strong connection with the documentary's content, "It resonated deeply with me, especially at this moment." Kourtney encouraged her fans to watch the documentary, perhaps hinting at the therapeutic effect it had on her.

The confrontation between the sisters climaxed with an emotional Kourtney calling out Kim as an "egotistical narcissist" and candidly expressing, "You act like a witch, and I've come to despise you." The unfolding drama, personal growth, and search for inner peace through external sources like the "Heal" documentary make it clear that, even in the limelight, the Kardashian-Jenners grapple with universal human challenges.