King Charles & Prince Harry: Royal Feud Warning

Amidst royal upheavals, Charles III finds unexpected strength

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles & Prince Harry: Royal Feud Warning
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Amid the whispers of palace corridors, Britain's King Charles III finds himself facing a profound plea to bridge the growing chasm between himself and his son, Prince Harry. Their public discord has become a point of contention and concern for many, particularly since Harry’s decision to step back as a senior royal and move to the U.S. in 2020.

The Duke of Suss*x has since been in the spotlight, revealing intimate details about the monarchy through various platforms - from televised interviews to his poignant memoir, *Spare*. These revelations have, undoubtedly, cast long shadows over the palace.

A trusted ex-royal aide, who stood by Charles during his tenure as the Prince of Wales, voiced concerns about the ongoing spat. Speaking to the Daily Beast, the source stressed the "strategic need" for the father and son to find common ground. "It's untenable for the King, representing national unity, to be at odds with his son to such an extent they aren’t seen together. Charles must address this, both personally and strategically."

King Charles III's Steady Reign

Royal enthusiasts and biographers note that the initial phase of King Charles III's monarchy felt eclipsed by Prince Harry's candid revelations about the royal household.

Yet, Gareth Russell, author of *The Palace*, commends the King's resilience during his inaugural year. He remarked, "King Charles has truly risen to the occasion. Opinion polls mirror steady public endorsement for both him and the institution."

Elaborating on the trials faced by the septuagenarian king, Russell informed GB News, "Several challenges were waiting in the wings for Charles. Most notably, the public rift with his younger son, Harry, which for many, was both surprising and unsettling."

Rumors circulate about King Charles declining Harry's plea for an apology, casting doubts over the Duke's UK return. Yet, some believe it would be prudent for the King to reconsider, offering Harry a residence in the UK. Alienating the Suss*xes might, after all, provoke public discontent.

Given Prince Harry's global interviews, a Netflix documentary, and his book, he appears distanced from royal reconciliation. Each endeavor has seemingly fanned the flames of his rift with the royals.

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