Keffe D: The Man Arrested for Plotting Tupac's Murder?

Significant breakthrough in Shakur case with recent home search

by Nouman Rasool
Keffe D: The Man Arrested for Plotting Tupac's Murder?
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In a significant development to a decades-old cold case, the Las Vegas police apprehended Duane "Keffe D" Davis, linking him to the notorious 1996 drive-by shooting of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. Davis, previously outspoken about witnessing the tragic event, found himself in custody early Friday morning, facing serious charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

Davis' memoir, "Compton Street Legends," shed light on this mystery, pointing fingers at his nephew, Orlando Anderson, as the actual gunman behind Tupac's demise. Anderson, once affiliated with the South Side Compton Crips gang, met a violent end himself in a 1998 gang-related shooting, aged merely 23.

Though he denied any hand in the rapper's assassination and was never formally charged, Nevada's lack of a statute of limitations on murder prosecutions keeps hope alive in this long-standing inquiry.

Las Vegas Police's Key Raid

Reaffirming their commitment to justice, in July, Las Vegas authorities executed a search warrant at the residence of Pamela Clemons, Davis' spouse, located in Henderson, Nevada.

This strategic move, an integral part of the ongoing investigation into Shakur's murder, resulted in the seizure of multiple electronic devices, including computers, laptops, and iPads. Notably, a .40-caliber cartridge, consistent with the bullet casings from Tupac's shooting scene, was also discovered.

Highlighting Davis' pivotal role, Greg Kading, a seasoned, now-retired LAPD detective who had previously delved into Tupac's unsolved death, disclosed to The Post on Friday: "Davis wasn't merely a spectator; he armed his nephew that fateful night.

They set out with a collective intention to target Tupac. By providing the weapon and the intent, they're all complicit in this heinous act." An enthusiastic Kading elaborated, "It's a monumental day! This dark cloud has loomed over the music industry for so long, and finally, there's a ray of closure.

Tupac's unfortunate passing will no longer remain an enigma in the annals of history." However, echoing the sentiments of many, Tupac's stepbrother, Mopreme Shakur, conveyed his anguish to CNN. Questioning the delay, he lamented, "Why now, after 27 years? The prolonged agony my family endured is immeasurable." As the narrative unfolds, the relentless quest for truth presses on, keeping the world eagerly awaiting further developments.