Tom Sandoval Sobers Up Post-Ariana Infidelity

Amid personal turmoil, Sandoval unveils raw emotional battles

by Zain ul Abedin
Tom Sandoval Sobers Up Post-Ariana Infidelity
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment

Tom Sandoval, familiar to many as a central figure on *Vanderpump Rules*, has taken a poignant turn towards personal introspection, recently unveiling his emotional turmoil post infidelity with long-time partner, Ariana Madix, and a subsequent entanglement with co-star Raquel Leviss.

In a raw and revealing kickoff episode of his new podcast, *Everybody Loves Tom*, Sandoval didn’t shy away from narrating the challenges he faced in the wake of his unfaithfulness. Central to this new chapter in his life is the conscious decision to renounce alcohol, a move he felt necessary for his mental and emotional well-being. "I remember marking the date – around April 4th or 5th – when I stopped drinking. But I chose to share it with only a few, thinking it would make my transition smoother," he admitted.

Workouts and Whiskey: Sandoval's Cycle

Peeling back another layer of his past, Sandoval spoke candidly about his struggle with nicotine addiction. "I felt entrapped, like I was continuously in the grips of the urge to smoke," he revealed.

What stood out in his narrative was a rather intriguing correlation between his fitness routine and his penchant for alcohol. "It became like clockwork – if I wasn’t drenched in sweat from a workout, I was nursing a drink. And if I wasn’t savoring a whiskey, I was burning calories," he told Jason Bader, his band's drummer.

The catalyst for these life-altering reflections? A heart-wrenching confession about his betrayal of Ariana Madix, which, as the 41-year-old Sandoval explained, played havoc with his mental well-being during their band tour. Seeking refuge in alcohol became a coping mechanism, often involving a ritualistic “three shots, three beers” before hitting the stage.

However, the narrative is shifting for the actor who's now donning the hat of a podcast host. Despite braving a barrage of public reproval, Sandoval is now resolute in his commitment to sobriety and self-betterment, leaving behind the shackles of alcohol and smoking.