Kevin Bacon: 'Footloose' Fame Battle

Navigating fame's maze, Bacon reflects on Hollywood connections

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Bacon: 'Footloose' Fame Battle
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment

Renowned actor Kevin Bacon recently shed light on his earlier days in the industry, admitting he once grappled with the weight of fame post his breakthrough with "Footloose."

On the latest installment of "Podcrushed," Kevin candidly opened up about his initial reluctance to accept the role that made him an overnight sensation. Rather than becoming a sensation for his dancing prowess, Kevin harbored dreams of being perceived as a serious actor, on par with the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, and Robert De Niro. “Being thrust into the limelight as a pop star was never my goal. I aspired to work with legends like Martin Scorsese and explore the depths of roles like in Chekhov’s plays,” shared the actor known for his stellar role in "Apollo 13."

Delving deeper into his reservations, Kevin confessed, “I was deeply engrossed in my perception of what a 'serious actor' should be. When the opportunity for Footloose presented itself, I felt it wasn’t aligned with that vision. I remember distinctly rebuffing it.”

Kevin's 'Six Degrees' Revelation

Yet, Kevin’s entanglement with fame took another twist with the popular culture game, "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." Rather than taking pride in the game that highlighted his extensive career, it initially disconcerted him. “The game’s implication seemed to jest at the contrast between reputed actors and someone perceived as lesser, like myself,” he admitted.

With time, though, Kevin's perspective evolved. The "Tremors" star realized the game wasn’t a critique but a testament to his vast connections in Hollywood. “Over time, I've come to understand that it's ephemeral; it's not tangible. It's a mere concept, but it's here to stay,” he opined.

Embracing this phenomenon, Kevin not only founded a nonprofit named "Six Degrees" but also ventured into the world of podcasting with "Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon," further intertwining his legacy with this cultural reference.

With his career spanning decades, Bacon's reflections serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges and introspections actors undergo in their journey, even amidst overwhelming success.