Patrick J. Adams Regrets Sharing 'Suits' Pics During Strike: "I Apologize"

Adams confronts misstep amidst SAG-AFTRA's pivotal strike

by Nouman Rasool
Patrick J. Adams Regrets Sharing 'Suits' Pics During Strike: "I Apologize"
© Monica Schipper/GettyImages

In a candid moment of reflection, Suits actor Patrick J. Adams recently expressed regret on social media for nostalgically sharing behind-the-scenes snapshots of his time with fellow co-stars Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, among others.

The remorse stemmed from inadvertently violating guidelines during the ongoing actors' strike led by SAG-AFTRA. Earlier in the week, Adams, who garnered widespread recognition for his portrayal of Mike Ross, stirred emotions by posting a series of photographs from the acclaimed legal drama.

However, amid the intense strike initiated by SAG-AFTRA since July 14 due to unsatisfactory contract talks with studios and streamers, the union's members were advised against promoting any SAG-AFTRA contracted projects.

Adams Expresses Deep Regret

In a heartfelt message on his Instagram Stories, Adams admitted, “I let a Suits memory lane trip divert my attention from the real battle everyone in @sagaftra is undertaking.

They're seeking modern compensation and protections for the 21st Century”. Expressing his regret, he further added, “I genuinely apologize for my careless oversight and am thankful to those who guided me rightly”.

Among the shared moments was an evocative image with Markle and Rafferty, where Adams expressed his longing for past camaraderies. Further posts presented a gallery of cherished moments with the ensemble cast. Notably, the actor had later added more snapshots from the beloved series.

The timing coincides with the revival of Suits' popularity, especially after Netflix added the series to its catalog. The storyline revolves around the prodigious college dropout, Mike Ross, joining forces with the legal stalwart, Harvey Specter.

Throughout the series, Ross's professional journey intertwines with a budding romance with paralegal Rachel Zane, played by Markle. Despite running for nine successful seasons, culminating in 2019, the duo of Adams and Markle departed after the seventh season.

Adams, however, graced the screens again for the grand finale. Interestingly, the series' inclusion on Netflix has significantly boosted its viewership. For a staggering nine consecutive weeks, Suits dominated Nielsen’s streaming charts and even established a record of sustained viewership exceeding 3 billion minutes.

Aaron Korsh, the series' creator, expressed astonishment at the renewed popularity in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, stating, “The unparalleled exposure post-Netflix was beyond my wildest expectations. The show had momentum even pre-Netflix, but its inclusion exponentially amplified its reach”.