Brad Pitt's Coffee Passion in De'Longhi Ad

Brad Pitt deepens partnership with iconic coffee brand

by Zain ul Abedin
Brad Pitt's Coffee Passion in De'Longhi Ad
© Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

Acclaimed actor Brad Pitt has taken on a new role, but not on the big screen. This time, he’s channeling his passion for coffee into a dynamic new ad campaign for luxury coffee brand, De'Longhi. As the brand's global ambassador, Pitt is diving deep into the world of java to share his genuine love for the beverage.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE magazine, the renowned "Troy" actor elaborated on his connection with coffee, stating, “For me, coffee transcends being a mere drink. It fosters genuine connections, offering a cherished moment to oneself. It’s an opportunity to pause, relish the present, and truly savor life.”

The spotlight of the campaign isn't solely on Pitt; it also highlights De'Longhi's innovative offerings. Specifically, it draws attention to the Eletta Explore with Cold Brew and the La Specialista Arte Evo with Cold Brew. These are state-of-the-art espresso machines, emphasizing the refreshing cold beverage options, perfect for the modern coffee aficionado.

Brad Pitt's Evolving Ties with De'Longhi

A statement from De'Longhi emphasizes their intent behind the 2023 campaign, aiming “to immerse customers in a quintessential European ambiance, fostering a deeper connection with the brand’s foundational ethos and commitment to genuine authenticity.”

This isn't Pitt’s first collaboration with De'Longhi. Fans might recall his involvement with the brand during its debut international "Perfetto" campaign back in 2021. Reflecting on that partnership, Pitt shared with PEOPLE, “My choice to collaborate with De'Longhi stemmed from their authentic campaign vision. Their unwavering confidence in their products and the celebration of their rich Italian lineage struck a chord with me, all without seeming excessive.”

With a shared commitment to quality and authenticity, the synergy between Brad Pitt and De'Longhi seems to be a perfect blend, much like a well-crafted espresso. As the campaign unfolds, coffee enthusiasts and Brad Pitt admirers alike await eagerly to see this fusion in action.

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