Cher Hires Men to Retrieve Son Elijah from NY Hotel Amidst Marriage Struggles: Report

Chateau Marmont stay exposes Allman's personal struggles

by Nouman Rasool
Cher Hires Men to Retrieve Son Elijah from NY Hotel Amidst Marriage Struggles: Report
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Pop music icon, Cher, has reportedly orchestrated an unexpected intervention for her son, Elijah Blue Allman, by allegedly hiring a group of men to remove him from a hotel room in New York, amidst an attempt to salvage his marriage to Marieangela King.

Recent court documents have exposed this startling revelation. The incident took place last November, marking the wedding anniversary of Allman and King. According to King's testimony in a Los Angeles Court, documented by the Daily Mail, four unidentified men barged into the couple's hotel room, abruptly ending their 12-day reunion.

Disturbingly, King declared in a statement dated December 4, 2022, that she remains unaware of Allman's current status and is deeply concerned about his safety. She added that one of the men confirmed they were commissioned by Cher.

King’s claims suggest that Allman might be confined to a secret treatment facility, isolated from outside communication. While she recognizes Cher's possibly protective intentions, she underscores her longing to ensure her husband's wellbeing.

Allman's Turbulent Times Highlighted

The couple's relationship had its own set of challenges. Allman had previously initiated divorce proceedings against King in 2021. Moreover, sources have highlighted Allman's extended stay at the renowned Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood earlier this year.

His deteriorating condition there became so alarming that hotel personnel felt compelled to contact Cher. An insider revealed to the Daily Mail that Allman's daily presence outside the hotel depicted a man in decline. His consistent and concerning state of unconsciousness suggested a potential substance abuse problem.

To tackle this, Cher purportedly hired a caretaker for her 47-year-old son. Yet, a harrowing episode took place when hotel staff discovered Allman unconscious outside their main entrance. Before authorities could intervene, the hotel crew managed to safely relocate him indoors.

A mere two days later, he was ushered to rehab, as informed by insiders to the Daily Mail. Cher and her son, who followed in the musical footsteps of both his parents, have reportedly experienced several relational ups and downs over the years.

Allman, in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Tonight, admitted to a history of drug addiction. He candidly shared that he began using around the age of eleven, but had achieved sobriety since 2008. The unfolding situation underscores the complexity of family dynamics, personal struggles, and the constant spotlight of fame.

Cher, also known for hits like "Turn Back Time," co-parented Allman with her late ex-husband, celebrated musician Gregg Allman.