Dane Cook & Kelsi Taylor: Hawaiian Wedding After Six Years

A serendipitous game night, a romance six years strong

by Zain ul Abedin
Dane Cook & Kelsi Taylor: Hawaiian Wedding After Six Years
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment

After six enchanting years together, Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor chose to exchange their eternal vows in the paradise setting of Hawaii. The captivating islands, which had previously witnessed the inception of their love journey, once again played a pivotal role in their lives, this time serving as the backdrop to their intimate wedding ceremony.

51-year-old renowned comedian and actor, Dane Cook, and his belle, 24-year-old Kelsi Taylor, immersed themselves in the joy of matrimony in a discreet affair on the serene island of O’ahu. Their choice of venue wasn't just random; the private estate in O’ahu resonated deeply with their personal love story.

Recalling their special bond with Hawaii, Cook spoke to People magazine, elucidating, “Hawaii is more than just a travel destination for us. One of our earliest escapades as a couple was here. Since then, it’s become our sanctuary, a place we revisit to rekindle our bond. Celebrating our union amidst Oahu’s splendor was the perfect ode to our journey.”

Cook and Taylor's Love Journey

The exclusive ceremony saw only 20 attendees, a close-knit group comprising their dearest family and friends. This restricted guest list ensured the evening retained its essence – one of intimacy, deep connection, and exuberance. Cook described the atmosphere as one where love and laughter flowed in abundance.

As fans eagerly inquire about their love story's genesis, Cook reminisces about their serendipitous meeting. It was a game night back in 2018 that brought together the acclaimed comedian and the vibrant fitness instructor. What began as an endearing friendship swiftly blossomed into an undeniable love, leading Cook to propose in the summer of the previous year.

The newlywed Taylor, radiant with post-wedding bliss, articulated her feelings about the ceremony, expressing, “This wedding was our shared dream materialized. It encapsulated our vision flawlessly.”

Their love story, begun amidst the backdrop of games and laughter, has now transitioned into a lifelong commitment, celebrated amidst the tranquil Hawaiian breezes.