Prince Harry Denied Windsor Stay: Treated as Non-Royal in UK?

Amid family dynamics, accommodations become a royal dilemma

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry Denied Windsor Stay: Treated as Non-Royal in UK?
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When Prince Harry, Duke of Suss*x, made his way to London for the somber occasion of Queen Elizabeth's first death anniversary earlier this month, one would assume he'd find solace in the comforts of his former home. However, the Duke faced unforeseen challenges in securing a place within the historic walls of Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry's primary reason for visiting was to grace the annual WellChild Awards on September 7th, a poignant event occurring just a day before his grandmother's first anniversary of passing. But what followed next has caused quite the stir in royal circles.

Despite his royal lineage, Harry, now 39, was reportedly declined accommodation at Windsor Castle. Notably, he was given conditional permission to pay his respects at Queen Elizabeth's grave situated in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, which he did the following day.

Palace Declines Harry's Lodging Plea

Interestingly, while Harry was in the country, he didn't rendezvous with his father, King Charles III. Sources revealed that the heir to the throne was residing in Balmoral, Scotland during this period. To add another layer of complexity, Buckingham Palace, based on several reports, couldn’t acquiesce to the Duke's last-minute lodging request. Telegraph sources cite that following the finalization of his trip's details – his first post the Frogmore Cottage eviction – Harry reached out to the Palace. Consequently, palace officials are said to have prompted Harry to furnish a formal request, bringing to light uncertainties surrounding King Charles's cognizance of the said plans.

The Duke, keen on reconnecting, expressed wishes to see his father, hinting at the possibility of accompanying him prior to departing for the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany. In a subsequent response, an insider revealed that the palace informed Harry of King Charles's Balmoral residency during his stay, even extending an invitation for a Scottish reunion.

Amidst the backdrop of strained relations since Harry and Meghan's stateside move and royal duties resignation, this situation proffers a potential face-to-face father-son reunion. However, certain royal commentators opine differently. They argue that Harry's treatment during his recent UK visit was noticeably non-royal. Awaiting his next UK return scheduled for January – related to a media lawsuit – one wonders if the perceived cold reception will thaw in the face of family ties.

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