King Charles Urges Prince William: Offer Prince Harry Apartment?

Amidst royal dynamics, Buckingham Palace addresses circulating whispers

by Zain ul Abedin
King Charles Urges Prince William: Offer Prince Harry Apartment?
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Amid the ever-evolving dynamics of the British monarchy, King Charles finds himself in a delicate position that intertwines both duty and familial ties. At the heart of this royal quandary is Prince Harry's role within the establishment and the repercussions it has on the royal family's living arrangements.

Over the recent weekend, a revelation surfaced, suggesting that Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss*x, still holds a pivotal position as one of King Charles’ counsellors of state. This significant role, held by few, empowers its bearer to step in and rule when circumstances demand. Given the importance of this position, there's an underlying expectation for the counsellor to have a permanent UK residence. Surprisingly, Prince Harry, who is currently distanced from his brother, Prince William, retains this role despite not meeting the residence criteria.

To bridge this gap, whispers within royal circles, as per The Sunday Times, hinted at the possibility of offering Harry a residence within the sprawling grounds of Kensington Palace. This is notably where Prince William and Duchess Kate maintain their private abode and office. Yet, as rumors swirled, it was evident that the elder prince might be reluctant to extend this olive branch.

Palace Refutes Housing Rumors

Buckingham Palace, always vigilant in maintaining a unified front, swiftly countered these speculations. Through statements relayed by the Daily Mail, the Palace deemed the claims “not true,” and further denied any chances of King Charles pressuring William into housing Harry during his UK visits. This isn't the first time such rumors arose; Harry reportedly faced a similar situation with Windsor Castle during a fleeting London trip earlier this month.

In the backdrop, other counsellors of state, including the likes of Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and the controversy-engulfed Prince Andrew, remain relatively untouched by such debates.

The intrigue thickens when one recalls Prince Harry's eviction from Frogmore Cottage in February. Following this, by legal precedents, he should have been excluded from the counsellor's list. Dr. Craig Prescott, a luminary in constitutional law, pointed out the King's discretion in this matter. He observed, "Charles had the opportunity to remove Harry via counsellor of state legislation last year but opted against it."

This saga, intertwining duty, residence, and family loyalty, showcases the challenging terrain that King Charles navigates as the monarch.

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