Kourtney & Travis's Disney Baby Bash

Family moments steal the spotlight at the lavish affair.

by Nouman Rasool
Kourtney & Travis's Disney Baby Bash
© Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

In the celebrity sphere, baby showers are nothing short of extraordinary. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who eagerly await the arrival of their baby boy, took the festivities up a notch with a Disney-themed gala. The two, no strangers to the joys of parenthood with three kids each, reveled in the excitement alongside family and close friends on September 24th.

And judging by the photographs, it was a glamorous affair. Kourtney elegantly donned a snakeskin-printed bodysuit while both she and Travis paid homage to the Disney theme with Mickey Mouse ears. The exclusive event took place in a grand private estate nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, orchestrated by the renowned celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss.

Khloe & Kim's Social Highlights

Among the prominent attendees was Khloe Kardashian, who was seen with her two children, True, aged 5, and Tatum, 14 months. Candid moments, including Khloe urging her daughter to join a photo booth session, found their way to the Good American founder's Instagram Stories.

Adding to the social media buzz, Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West shared snippets on TikTok, delighting fans globally. The event wasn't just about photos; it was a culinary haven too. Guests indulged in an array of Disney-themed delicacies ranging from Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels, pancakes, and waffles to delightful "Drink Me" mini green juices reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

The ambience was further enhanced by a barbershop quartet, serenading attendees with melodious harmonies. Earlier this year, in June, Kourtney and Travis shared the thrilling news of her pregnancy, later revealing the gender of their upcoming bundle of joy.

Just weeks ago, Kourtney faced an undisclosed pregnancy-related medical challenge, prompting Travis to cut short his European tour with Blink-182 to be by her side. On a separate note, Travis divulged some personal health news, displaying a positive COVID-19 test result on his Instagram Stories dated September 22nd.

This perhaps explains the photograph shared by his stepdaughter, Atiana De La Hoya, 24, showcasing a masked Travis seated next to Kourtney. Her caption read, "Social distance baby shower," underlining the precautions taken amid the ongoing pandemic.

As the couple ventures into this new chapter, they’re surrounded by immense love, anticipation, and, undoubtedly, a touch of Disney magic.