Russell Brand's 2010 Memoir Reveals Past Classmate 'Groping' Admission

"New Revelations Emerge About Russell Brand's School Years"

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Brand's 2010 Memoir Reveals Past Classmate 'Groping' Admission
© Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment

Amidst a slew of fresh s*xual assault allegations engulfing comedian Russell Brand, his 2007 memoir is shedding light on troubling aspects of his past. Accusations have arisen from a former classmate at the Italia Conti Performing Arts school, accusing Brand of "groping" female schoolmates under a facade of affection, adding to the growing list of allegations brought against him following a recent exposé.

It's noteworthy that Brand, now 48, openly acknowledged such behavior in his 2010 memoir titled "My Booky Wook." Within the pages of his book, he delved into his experiences attending an almost exclusively female school, a period he described as a significant influence on his s*xual development. Brand referred to this time as an "upturn in [his] s*xual economy," which led him to develop what he termed his "cloak of love identity."

Brand's Deceptive "Cloak of Love"

This "cloak of love" served as a deceptive cover, enabling Brand to mask his true intentions while engaging in inappropriate physical contact. In a revealing 2010 interview with Elle magazine regarding his memoir, Brand candidly confessed that he would subject "probably two or three women a day" to these unwelcome advances during his time at the school, which he joined in 1991.

However, Brand's enrollment at Italia Conti was short-lived, as he was expelled after just one year for violating the school's code of conduct, reportedly involving drug use and truancy, as reported by Mirror.

This latest revelation comes on the heels of recent accusations made by multiple women, alleging instances of rape, s*xual assault, and controlling behavior during Brand's heyday of fame. In response to these allegations, the school in question has encouraged former students to come forward with any accounts of misconduct involving Russell Brand.

The unfolding situation places Russell Brand in the spotlight, raising questions about his past actions and prompting a broader conversation about accountability for celebrities accused of wrongdoing. As these allegations continue to surface, the public eagerly awaits further developments in this troubling saga.