Kevin Bacon Sets Farm and House Ablaze Over Fear of Possession

Kevin Bacon's Farm Purchase Reveals Eerie Encounter

by Zain ul Abedin
Kevin Bacon Sets Farm and House Ablaze Over Fear of Possession
© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

In a recent revelation, veteran actor Kevin Bacon shared a chilling tale from his past, recounting how he had to take an extraordinary step to overcome a paranormal obstacle when purchasing his farm in northwest Connecticut back in 1983. The 65-year-old actor, known for his iconic roles in movies like "Footloose," had an eerie encounter with the previous owner of the property over an abandoned and supposedly haunted house on the premises.

The spooky saga unfolded as Bacon negotiated the acquisition of his farm. The hitch in the deal arose due to a dilapidated, abandoned house that stood on the land, a place steeped in legends of hauntings and unexplained phenomena. The owner, deeply rooted in the history of the house, initially resisted including it in the sale, leaving Bacon to ponder the bizarre prospect of owning the land but not the enigmatic house that came with it.

Kevin Bacon's Haunting Confrontation

In a candid conversation with actor Rob Lowe on the Literally podcast, Bacon reflected on the eerie impasse, saying, "We kind of went back and forth on it for a while and then, eventually, I said, ‘Listen, you can’t sell me a piece of land but not sell me the house that’s on it. Like, that’s just weird. What if you sell it and there’s somebody that’s just living, basically, right up in the backyard?’"

What added to the intrigue was the previous owner's history of summoning "ghostbusters" to rid the house of its spectral inhabitants. He genuinely feared that if Bacon were to take ownership, he might fall victim to possession and cause "some serious damage."

The negotiations eventually reached a spine-tingling compromise: a clause was inserted into the contract stipulating that Bacon had to "destroy" the haunted structure within a month of purchasing the farm. This extraordinary provision allowed the sale to proceed and granted Bacon the peace of mind he needed to secure his dream property.

The story of Kevin Bacon's daring move to confront the supernatural on his farm has captured the imagination of fans and paranormal enthusiasts alike. It serves as a reminder that even Hollywood stars can find themselves in eerie and unexplainable situations, and sometimes, the solution is as extraordinary as the problem itself.