Travis Scott's Team: Phone Vanished at Sea, Astroworld Lawsuit Proof Missing

Legal tensions rise over Astroworld evidence documentation

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Scott's Team: Phone Vanished at Sea, Astroworld Lawsuit Proof Missing
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In the wake of the tragic events at the 2021 Astroworld festival, rapper Travis Scott faced a rigorous eight-hour deposition in Houston as part of the numerous lawsuits arising from the incident. However, during the proceedings, a shocking revelation emerged that might hinder the process of evidence collection. 

Steve Brody, Travis Scott's attorney, made an astonishing revelation about the whereabouts of the rapper's phone. According to Brody, in an almost cinematic twist, Scott's phone had met an unfortunate end when it "fell off a boat in January 2022, now presumably lying at the base of the Gulf of Mexico, rendering it irretrievable."

This enigmatic tale of a missing phone calls to mind another well-known incident from across the pond - the UK libel trial involving Coleen Rooney and Rebekhah Vardy, popularly referred to as the 'Wagatha Christie' saga. 

Plaintiffs Demand Scott's Records

In the Astroworld lawsuit, lawyers representing the plaintiffs had expressed interest in Scott's phone records related to the festival. They were also keen on obtaining documents affiliated with the rapper's company, XX Global Inc., and key personnel, including the general manager of Cactus Jack, David Stromberg.

However, it appears that Scott and his entourage had been reluctant or unable to furnish the desired documentation. This led the plaintiff's lawyers to file an emergency motion, seeking these critical pieces of evidence.

Rolling Stone, which accessed a transcript from the hearing, noted that Steve Brody, Scott's lawyer, mentioned that Noah Wexler, one of the plaintiff's attorneys, had extended a draft of this emergency motion to him. However, the official motion was filed just five hours later, presenting a tight window for Brody and his team to react.

Per the motion drafted by the plaintiff's legal team, they allege that Scott and his representatives held back from disclosing certain texts, WeChat communications, videos, and photos known to be in their possession. They insinuate that this might be a deliberate move by Scott's legal team, potentially not adhering to the court's directive to share the solicited information. 

The mystery of the missing phone and its potential implications remains a topic of speculation and is sure to keep followers of the case on their toes.

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