Prince Harry's Heartfelt Tale Behind Silver Bracelet

Delving into the Duke's cherished accessory's poignant history

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Heartfelt Tale Behind Silver Bracelet
© Lukas Schulze/Getty Images Entertainment

The bond between Prince Harry and the American actress, Meghan Markle, was subtly hinted when the whispers of their relationship first reached our ears. The unmistakable blue-beaded bracelet that Prince Harry often sported was soon spotted on Meghan's wrist. This charming piece of jewelry sent fans into a frenzy, as photos of their matching bracelets began circulating wildly.

Yet, alongside the blue-beaded bracelet in every photograph, there lies another, overshadowed but not to be missed—a silver bracelet that Harry has cherished for over two decades. Despite it not being the center of public attention, the story behind this bracelet is both touching and melancholic, holding significant emotional weight for the Duke.

Harry's Silver Bracelet: A Symbolic Legacy

Prince Harry has chosen to wear this silver piece on various pivotal occasions in his life. From important school photographs to high-stake polo matches, and notably, during his wedding—a day where personal sentiments take center stage. Its continued presence on his wrist speaks volumes of its importance.

The backstory of this bracelet can be traced to a challenging phase in Harry's life. Business Insider reports that it's believed Prince Harry obtained this bracelet during a visit to Africa in 1997. This trip came on the heels of the tragic loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Reflecting on this period, Harry once shared, “I first came [to Africa] in 1997, right after my mum's demise. My dad instructed my brother and me to prepare for a journey, saying we were heading to Africa to find solace."

Africa has since held a special place in Harry’s heart. He's nurtured an enduring bond with the continent, making several trips both for personal retreats and formal royal engagements. Intriguingly, Prince William, Harry's elder brother, possesses a bracelet bearing a resemblance to Harry's, though it's seldom seen in public photos. One can't help but ponder the depth of sentiment these bracelets represent for the two brothers.

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