Russell Brand's Controversial BBC Radio Remark on Incident with Woman

Olivia recounts disturbing encounter with comedian Russell Brand

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Brand's Controversial BBC Radio Remark on Incident with Woman
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment

Celebrity comedian Russell Brand is once again at the center of a storm, facing mounting s*xual assault allegations. A new revelation has emerged in which he reportedly made an inappropriate gesture towards a woman in a BBC building, subsequently making light of the incident on his radio show.

The incident, dated back to 2008 in Los Angeles, came to light when a woman, who chooses to be known as Olivia for her protection, opened up about her disturbing encounter with Brand. She recounted the incident to BBC News on Thursday.

While working for a different media firm housed within the same complex as BBC's Los Angeles office, Olivia recalled a day when she had courteously opened the door for Brand and his entourage. They were present to record an episode for "The Russell Brand Show" on BBC Radio 2.

Later that day, as Olivia rummaged through a medicine cabinet in search of sinus medication, she was unexpectedly confronted by a figure looming behind her. The shock intensified when she recognized the intruder as none other than Brand.

Brand's Inappropriate Remarks

Describing the encounter, Olivia detailed how the comedian cheekily commented, “I think you’re a bit of alright,” before dubbing her 'Betty.' When she corrected him about her name, Brand's alleged response was crass and s*xually suggestive.

The ordeal left Olivia deeply unsettled. To add insult to injury, she soon discovered that Brand was openly jesting about the incident on his radio show. A later-discovered clip from the program reveals his co-host, Morgan, jokingly referencing the incident, with Brand's audible laughter resonating in the background.

What's even more disheartening is Olivia's revelation that although she reported the event to a BBC representative immediately after, the matter seemed to be brushed under the rug. BBC management was made aware of the occurrence throughout the years, yet no substantial measures were taken.

However, in the current climate of accountability, with a series of accusations against Brand now in the public eye, BBC has opted for a more assertive stance. Several of Brand's shows have been pulled from their lineup as the broadcasting giant embarks on a comprehensive review of the comedian's tenure with the corporation.