Celebrities and Witchcraft: A Closer Look at Seven Stars

Exploring the mystical side of Hollywood's elite

by Nouman Rasool
Celebrities and Witchcraft: A Closer Look at Seven Stars
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With summer waving its final goodbyes, we are on the cusp of the enigmatic Halloween season. Delving into history, the mystique surrounding witches and witchcraft dates back to primal days when humans were entwined with nature's mysticism.

Revered as shamans, these ancients wielded profound knowledge of healing arts and rituals. Today, witchcraft's allure hasn't diminished; it has even caught the fancy of some in the limelight. Here are seven celebrities entwined with the world of witchcraft.

1. Vanessa Hudgens:

In a recent chat with Nylon in April 2023, Hudgens candidly shared her affinity for witchcraft. She reminisced about her childhood attractions to the dark, unknown, and herbalism, saying, "I've always felt a deep connection when in nature's embrace”.

A significant epiphany occurred during a "Princess Switch" film shoot, which further cemented her beliefs. The starlet believes her witchy path helps her connect with "angels, ancestors, and spirit guides." Moreover, Hudgens revealed her unique ability to perceive ghosts, which she's experienced since childhood.

2. Gisele Bündchen:

Most of the witchcraft narrative around Bündchen stems from her ex-spouse, Tom Brady. Following a triumphant Superbowl win against the Rams, Brady mentioned Gisele's mystical rituals that aided his game.

She later acknowledged her spiritual leanings in a Vanity Fair interview in March 2023, celebrating her love for astrology, crystals, and nature's power.

3. Lana Del Rey:

The singer once rallied her followers for a mass hex against former President Donald Trump.

Correlating her efforts with specific moon phases believed to expel negative energies, she defended her actions, underscoring the power of thoughts evolving into tangible change.

4. Madonna:

The queen of pop has never been discreet about her spiritual adventures.

Distraught over the 2016 election results, Madonna revealed how she turned to Jewish mysticism for solace. Furthermore, in 2020, she shared a meditative ritual inspired by Native Indian practices on social media.

5. Paris Jackson:

In October 2021, under the full Hunter’s Moon, Jackson and her spiritual circle, including celebrities like Alexandra Shipp and Lavender, convened for a sacred ritual.

She has often been seen sporting symbols associated with paganism, like the pentagram.

6. Beyoncé:

Rumors swirled in 2018 when Kimberly Thompson, a former drummer, accused Beyoncé of delving into "extreme witchcraft." While the courts dismissed these claims, the online buzz was undeniable.

7. Naomi Campbell:

In 2007, reports linked Campbell to Brazil's Candomble faith, known for its worship of nature deities. While she attended an event associated with this religion, Campbell clarified her spiritual standing, expressing her allegiance to the Church of England.

As the lines between the arcane and the everyday blur, it's evident that the mystical allure of witchcraft continues to resonate, even in the glitzy corridors of stardom.