Justin Bieber Charms Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles' Former Flame

Olivia Wilde's Karaoke Insights Spark Entertainment Conversations

by Zain ul Abedin
Justin Bieber Charms Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles' Former Flame
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Olivia Wilde, renowned actress and director, has recently voiced her candid opinion on the world of karaoke, and her sentiments have ignited quite a buzz among entertainment enthusiasts. The spotlight on Wilde's views emerged during her appearance on the captivating "Subway Takes," a one-minute talk show that has become a staple on New York subway trains.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the subway, Wilde engaged in a lively conversation with the show's host, Kareen Rahma, where the topic of karaoke took center stage. In an unambiguous declaration, Wilde expressed her belief that karaoke should primarily be the realm of amateur singers, reserving it for those who are not blessed with professional vocal talents.

"Good singers shouldn't do karaoke," she asserted firmly, underlining her conviction that those with established singing careers should refrain from karaoke and leave the spotlight for aspiring performers. "It's not for them," Wilde elucidated, emphasizing that professional singers have platforms to showcase their skills and earn a living from their talent.

Wilde's perspective on karaoke was further illuminated as she explained, "We, in the non-good singing community, pay good money to be able to go and sing... badly." She revealed her own karaoke prowess with humor, acknowledging that she is far from a vocal virtuoso but takes pride in the occasional boos from the audience, as it aligns with the essence of karaoke where fun and participation take precedence over perfection.

When asked about her own karaoke abilities, Wilde quipped, "I'm terrible, but that's the point. I take pride in being booed off because that's great." Her statement was a testament to her belief that karaoke is an inclusive activity that encourages people to shed inhibitions and embrace the joy of singing, irrespective of their vocal capabilities.

She went on to emphasize, "It doesn't even matter how good you are; there's no singer good enough that I want to see them do karaoke well."

Olivia Wilde's Bieber Admiration and Self-Deprecating Humor

A notable moment in the conversation occurred when Kareen Rahma mentioned Justin Bieber in the context of karaoke.

Wilde's admiration for the Canadian pop sensation was unmistakable as she enthusiastically declared, "The greatest singer on Earth!" Her praise for Bieber's vocal prowess underscored her point that even the most accomplished artists should revel in the unfiltered, spontaneous spirit of karaoke.

In a light-hearted manner, Wilde also confessed, "I don't even sing 'Happy Birthday' at birthday parties because I'll ruin it." This self-deprecating humor endeared her to the audience, showcasing her down-to-earth and relatable persona.

Towards the end of the conversation, Olivia Wilde unveiled her ideal karaoke song, a classic hit that resonates with many: Blondie's "One Way or Another." Her choice of song further emphasized her love for the karaoke experience and the joy it brings to both performers and audiences alike.

Olivia Wilde's candid take on karaoke, combined with her admiration for Justin Bieber, has certainly stirred up conversations and added a unique perspective to the world of entertainment. Her words remind us that karaoke is not just about hitting the right notes but about having fun and sharing the universal joy of music.

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