Geri Horner Receives Massive Support After Major Update

Geri Horner celebrates her novel's arrival with elegance

by Nouman Rasool
Geri Horner Receives Massive Support After Major Update
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Geri Horner, the celebrated singer of the iconic Spice Girls, has more than just a captivating voice to her credit; she's a gifted author. This week, the multi-talented star celebrated an exciting milestone – the UK arrival of her latest young adult book, "Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen." Consistently updating her fans on the journey of her new literary project, Geri couldn't contain her excitement.

She took to social media, treating fans to an unboxing video in which she gleefully showcased the book cover. Notably, the renowned author of the Tracey Beaker series, Jacqueline Wilson, had showered her novel with immense praise.

Geri Reveals Book in Grandeur

Dressed impeccably in her signature white attire, Geri unveiled her book in the spacious confines of her country abode. With its majestic wall-length windows, the setting resembled nothing short of a royal palace.

Expressing her delight, she penned, "The first UK copies of @RosieFrostFalconQueen are here! Overjoyed to see it and feel it. Just a fortnight away now!" Her announcement received an overwhelming outpour of support. Notably, her fellow Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, voiced her pride, commenting, "So elated for my brilliant friend." The sentiments echoed through the comments, with fans eagerly awaiting a chance to delve into Geri's world and even requesting more signing dates in London.

In a previous update, the 51-year-old singer was visibly moved as she shared news about her impending book tour in the U.S., following its UK leg. She poignantly captioned an emotional moment, revealing, "This was when I discovered @rosiefrostfalconqueen would be published!

Can't wait to meet all of you during my American book tour in TWO WEEKS." On her official website, Geri describes "Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen" as "A grand adventure comprising hidden islands, family mysteries, astonishing betrayals, entrancing music, and a touch of girl power." Fans reciprocated her enthusiasm, with one even likening the joy of publishing a book to the bliss of expecting a child, terming it a "labor of love." As another fan aptly put it, "Geri, our cheers will always be with you. You're simply the best!"