Brian Austin Green Praises Co-parenting with Ex Megan Fox

Green highlights the nuances of collaborative parenting post-divorce

by Nouman Rasool
Brian Austin Green Praises Co-parenting with Ex Megan Fox
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Brian Austin Green recently delved into the dynamics of his co-parenting relationship with ex-spouse, Megan Fox. In a new episode of the podcast "Oldish," Green, accompanied by his current partner, Shanna Burgess, conversed with Randy Spelling about the nuances of co-parenting their collective brood.

While Fox and Green share three children - Journey River (7), Bodhi Ransom (9), and Noah Shannon (soon to be 11), Burgess and Green have a 15-month-old son named Zane Walker. Green acknowledged that a constructive co-parenting relationship demands effort and commitment.

“Parenting requires constant attentiveness and decision-making, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach,” he elaborated. Drawing from his experience raising five children, he highlighted how each child's individuality necessitates distinct parenting techniques, even when raised similarly.

Unified Approach to Co-Parenting

He lauded Fox and Burgess, emphasizing their harmonious co-parenting efforts. The trio prioritize effective communication, steering clear of personal biases for the well-being of their children.

Green stressed the impact of separations on children, underlining the parents' role in ensuring it remains positive. “Divorce will inevitably affect your kids. The aspect within our control is how we let it shape their experiences,” Green expressed.

For the kids' sake, the adults consciously prevent them from feeling trapped between parental disagreements. Their unanimous resolution: it's always about the children's best interests. Delving into the initial stages of her relationship with Green, Burgess revealed her proactive approach to introduce herself to Fox.

“Beginning our journey with transparency was essential,” she remarked. Burgess’s approach to Fox was devoid of judgments; she aimed to understand Fox as an individual, fostering an environment conducive for the children.

Green commended the camaraderie between Burgess and Fox, drawing attention to their amicable interactions during school events. Burgess's respect for Fox is evident. “Megan plays a pivotal role in raising these wonderful children.

Their past is not my concern. My focus is to cultivate a nurturing, respectful environment for our kids,” Burgess articulated. In sum, Green, Fox, and Burgess's collective parenting journey underscores the importance of unity, open communication, and prioritizing children's well-being amidst personal histories and differences.

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