Danny Masterson's Descent into Darkness: Stepdad Joe Reaiche Speaks Out

Stepdad Joe Reaiche's Insights on Danny Masterson's Transformation

by Zain ul Abedin
Danny Masterson's Descent into Darkness: Stepdad Joe Reaiche Speaks Out
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In a candid and revealing interview, Joe Reaiche, the former stepfather of actor Danny Masterson, has shed light on the transformation he witnessed in his stepson, highlighting the profound influence of fame on the actor's life.

As Masterson, best known for his role in the hit show "That '70s Show," grapples with legal issues and a recent prison sentence, Reaiche has provided insights into the evolution of the man he once knew. During their conversation in September, Reaiche shared his perspective on how Danny Masterson's journey took a significant turn following the success of "That '70s Show" in 1998.

As the spotlight of fame illuminated his path, Masterson's life underwent a dramatic shift. Reaiche, a former Australian rugby star who was married to Danny's mother, Carol Masterson, from 1985 to 1995, expressed that he did not anticipate this transformation and its consequences.

"It's true that he changed after he became famous and started earning substantial sums of money," remarked Reaiche. The allure of fame altered the course of Danny's life, leaving Reaiche to grapple with the stark contrast between the "good kid" he once knew and the public persona that emerged.

Fame's Impact: Dark Hollywood Reality

Reflecting on this change, Reaiche acknowledged the complexities of the entertainment industry, where elements like promiscuity, substance use, and the lure of Hollywood can significantly impact individuals.

He emphasized the importance of avoiding such pitfalls in a world where these behaviors often appear normalized. Reaiche delved into the concept of the "dark side of Hollywood," suggesting that Danny Masterson, now 47, had ventured down a perilous path.

Despite Danny's consistent claims of innocence, he was found guilty in May on two counts of rape dating back more than two decades. The jury in his Los Angeles trial was unable to reach a verdict on a third rape accusation from 2001, ultimately resulting in a 30-year prison sentence for the actor.

Reaiche was careful to clarify his intention in sharing his insights, stating, "I'm not here to criticize Danny because I played a role in raising him, and he was fine during that time. What he did after our divorce and separation is a separate chapter that I had no control over." He fondly reminisced about Danny as a "good kid" with a passion for athletics and a supportive father figure.

However, he acknowledged that, for reasons known only to Masterson, he had ventured onto a different path—a path that would ultimately lead to his current predicament.

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