Russell Brand Playfully Accuses Prince Harry of Sharing a Kiss with Meghan Markle

Brand's Revelations Amidst Ongoing Controversy Spark Public Interest

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Brand Playfully Accuses Prince Harry of Sharing a Kiss with Meghan Markle
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In a recent revelation that has stirred up quite a buzz, comedian Russell Brand has disclosed a fascinating tidbit from his past - a playful on-screen kiss with none other than Meghan Markle, long before she became Duchess of Suss*x.

Brand, known for his candid and humorous storytelling, shared this anecdote during an appearance on the popular talk show, Loose Women. According to Brand, this memorable moment occurred during the filming of the 2010 hit movie, "Get Him to the Greek," in which both he and Meghan Markle played roles.

Recollecting the incident with a hint of nostalgia, Brand candidly stated, "I don't remember the film that much... still out of it... I think I planted one on her." During the filming, Meghan Markle portrayed the character Tatiana, a role that added a touch of glamour to the storyline.

The comedian went on to explain that the kiss took place prior to Meghan's high-profile marriage to Prince Harry, making it an intriguing anecdote from her pre-royal days.

Royal Wedding Speculation & Controversy

As rumors swirled around this unexpected revelation, some wondered if this playful on-screen kiss would be a topic of conversation at the royal wedding.

Brand himself cheekily suggested, "They should bring that up [at the wedding]… if anyone has any reason… yeah, Russell Brand snogged her in the film." However, it's important to note that this revelation comes amid a backdrop of controversy surrounding Russell Brand.

A recent Channel 4 documentary has raised allegations of s*xual abuse against the comedian, with four women coming forward to accuse him of using coercion and force. One of the accusers claimed to have been just 16 years old at the time of the incident.

These allegations have sparked a significant amount of public debate and scrutiny. Russell Brand's revelation about sharing an on-screen kiss with Meghan Markle adds a fascinating chapter to his life story, highlighting the unpredictable intersections of Hollywood and royalty.

As this news continues to make headlines, it serves as a reminder of the complexity that often surrounds the lives of public figures.

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