Ashton Kutcher Steps Down from Thorn Charity Amid Masterson Controversy

Recent events prompt Kutcher's heartfelt departure from Thorn

by Nouman Rasool
Ashton Kutcher Steps Down from Thorn Charity Amid Masterson Controversy
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In a recent turn of events, Ashton Kutcher has officially stepped down from his leadership role at the anti-child sex abuse charity, Thorn, amid growing public criticism. This decision follows the controversial letters he and his wife, actress Mila Kunis, penned in support of Danny Masterson after his rape conviction.

Danny Masterson, known to many as a co-star with Kutcher and Kunis in the popular TV show "That 70s Show", was found guilty and sentenced to a prison term of 30 years to life for raping two women.

Kutcher's Emotional Resignation

Kutcher, in a heartfelt letter of resignation addressed to the Thorn board and shared with the public, acknowledged the gravity of his "error in judgment".

He stated, "After my wife and I spent several days of listening, personal reflection, learning, and conversations with survivors, as well as the committed team at Thorn, I've decided to step down as chairman of the board, effective immediately." Thorn, a foundation established by Kutcher and his former spouse Demi Moore in 2012, has been at the forefront of battling child sexual exploitation, with a significant emphasis on online platforms.

Their achievements speak volumes: the group has identified 27,000 child victims and successfully facilitated the removal of over two million potentially abusive files from the web. Reflecting on his actions, Kutcher voiced regret for his letter, wherein he painted Masterson as a person of "decency" and "generosity".

He conceded, "Such a stance serves as another painful example of the skepticism faced by victims courageous enough to recount their traumatic experiences. It goes against everything we've strived for over the past decade." This decision by Kutcher comes as victims and advocacy groups expressed disapproval of the supportive gestures by the celebrity couple.

The actor further stated, "I cannot allow my error in judgment to overshadow the mission of Thorn and the vital aid it provides to children." As advocates and the public continue to grapple with this development, Kutcher’s decision aims to redirect the focus back to Thorn's crucial work and the countless children it aims to protect.

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