Ryan Phillippe Celebrates Major Sobriety Milestone: 'Feels Real Good'

Embracing change, Phillippe reveals his whimsical side on Instagram

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Phillippe Celebrates Major Sobriety Milestone: 'Feels Real Good'
© Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

Ryan Phillippe, renowned for his iconic role in I Know What You Did Last Summer, recently took to his Instagram to celebrate a significant personal achievement. Phillippe shared his pride over the longest period he's experienced sobriety since his adolescent years.

"Remarkably, this is the longest stretch I've had since my teenage years without indulging in nicotine, marijuana, or other substances," the accomplished 49-year-old actor shared. "I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the emancipation that arises from shattering the chains of addiction.

The purity of sobriety, the lucidity it brings, and the profound spiritual connection I've experienced are genuinely invigorating."

Phillippe's Playful Confessions

In a lighthearted follow-up shared via his Instagram story, Phillippe humorously mentioned, "Now, my sole addictions pivot around toothpicks and an unwavering quest for self-betterment." 2017 has been a productive year for the actor.

Phillippe has showcased his versatility with roles in two notable films: The Locksmith, where he starred alongside Kate Bosworth and Ving Rhames, and Miranda's Victim, featuring a stellar cast that includes Abigail Breslin, Luke Wilson, and Kyle MacLachlan.

Furthermore, Phillippe made a cameo in the music video for 100 gecs' hit, "The Most Wanted Person in the United States." Fans can anticipate more from the actor as he's currently linked with forthcoming projects like Kalahari, Saint Clare, Alive, and One Mile.

Beyond his professional accolades, Phillippe has been candid about his personal battles. He has consistently addressed his struggles with depression, aiming to destigmatize the conversation around mental health. Reflecting on his journey in 2016, Phillippe remarked, "While I find myself more at peace in this phase of life, my younger years were shadowed with depressive episodes.

My coping mechanisms today, fortified by extensive reading and introspection, are vastly healthier than in my tumultuous 20s and 30s." Phillippe's recent revelation further underscores his commitment to personal growth, a journey that resonates with many of his fans and followers. As his star continues to shine brightly in Hollywood, he remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.