Kanye West Ends Architect's Involvement in Housing Project Amidst Romance Rumors

Kanye's Legal Battles Unearth Intriguing Insights into Personal Life

by Zain ul Abedin
Kanye West Ends Architect's Involvement in Housing Project Amidst Romance Rumors
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In a surprising twist of events, Kanye West has reportedly terminated the services of Bianca Censori, who was once his architect and is currently his spouse, in relation to his ongoing legal woes concerning his incomplete Malibu residence.

This development has come to light through Tony Saxon, the primary plaintiff in the lawsuit against Kanye, who has provided intriguing insights into the tumultuous dynamics of his employment. Tony Saxon, the individual at the forefront of the legal battle against Kanye, recently disclosed to The Mirror his experiences working with the enigmatic rapper.

According to Saxon, he assumed the role of project manager for Kanye's troubled Malibu property in September 2021, subsequently replacing Bianca Censori, who was an architect working for Kanye's Yeezy enterprise at the time.

Saxon narrated his close association with Bianca during this tumultuous period, stating, "I was very close with Bianca throughout the whole thing. Matter of fact, she was benched, and I ended up taking her job for that project.

And I had felt bad about that. And I kept in contact with her the whole time, and we had a pretty good rapport through that."

Saxon's Role and Connection

Evidently, Saxon and Bianca forged a strong bond, with Saxon even facilitating her reinstatement within the Yeezy organization.

He explained, "Eventually, I got her reinstated with the Yeezy entire company and as an architect, but throughout the whole process, yeah, her and I were in a lot, you know, communicating every day on the project and her trying to fill me in on everything.

You know, so I could take over that, and yeah, we were very close. And it was a different time for all of us as people." Regarding how he initially landed the job, Saxon revealed that it was through Bianca, Kanye's now-wife, that he got the opportunity.

"I was referred to Bianca at the time, who is now Kanye's wife, by the fabrications shop that I had been working with. So I made my way onto that job not knowing whose house it was," he clarified. Saxon also confessed that he only discovered the homeowner's identity "midway through it." Had he known it was Kanye West's property from the outset, he might have reevaluated his decision to accept the position.

Saxon recounted the challenges he faced while working on the project, including Kanye's impulsive decision-making, such as "rush ordering work and then simply changing his mind" and "demanding things be made in 24 hours." Saxon, who identified himself as a "full-time security and live-in caretaker" and project manager, is suing Kanye for a litany of issues, including "disability discrimination, violations of multiple labor codes, including dangerous working conditions, unpaid wages and reimbursements, and wrongful retaliatory termination." He alleges that during his tenure at the residence, he was compelled to reside in the partially demolished house without electricity or windows and was subsequently terminated when he voiced concerns about the unsafe conditions.

While the exact commencement of the romantic involvement between Bianca and Kanye remains unclear, reports suggest that the two entered matrimony in late 2022 in Utah. However, the absence of a registered marriage license raises questions about the legality of their union.

Notably, the couple has been garnering significant attention for their flamboyant fashion choices during their recent sojourn in Italy. These scandalous outfits have catapulted the duo into the spotlight, further fueling speculation about their unconventional relationship.

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