Tom Sandoval: Ready for Public Backlash After Affair

Amidst controversy, Sandoval discovers personal growth

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Sandoval: Ready for Public Backlash After Affair
© Phillip Faraone/GettyImages

In a candid conversation, the face of 'Vanderpump Rules', Tom Sandoval, bared his thoughts on the aftermath of his tumultuous affair. Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE at the premiere of 'Special Forces: World's Toughest Test', the 40-year-old reality star expressed how the repercussions of his liaison with costar Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, which culminated his nine-year bond with Ariana Madix, won't fade anytime soon.

“Expectations of things normalizing in a week or so are misplaced. The aftermath of such decisions lingers," remarked Sandoval, during promotions for season 2 of Fox's 'Special Forces'

Sandoval's Newfound Perspective

Despite the relational storm, Sandoval expressed his optimism, citing newfound perspectives after filming his latest reality endeavor.

He noted, “There's a revelation that comes from hearing others' personal challenges. It realigns one's life priorities”. As for the upcoming 11th season of the Emmy-nominated Bravo reality series 'Vanderpump Rules', the TomTom bar co-owner admitted the challenges of filming post the public revelation of his secret relationship with Leviss.

“It was a herculean task, both filming and now, anticipating the viewer's reactions,” he confessed. While Sandoval hinted at unforeseen support from some cast members, Madix was clear about her boundaries. Post their split, Madix made her reluctance evident, refusing to share screen space with Sandoval.

In a forthright conversation with The New York Times in May, she remarked, "I have zero words for either [Sandoval or Leviss]. Our show revolves around genuine friendships, and currently, neither fit that circle”. In a twist, Leviss won't be gracing the screens for season 11.

Discussing her journey and the heartbreak surrounding the affair, she confided in Bethenny Frankel on her Just B podcast. "There's a myriad of things I'd redo if I could turn back time. It's gut-wrenching to know I let down so many," expressed Leviss, deeply reflecting on the breach of trust and personal disappointments.

She poignantly added, “The person reflected in those actions isn't me. I was lost and in pain”. As the new season of 'Vanderpump Rules' approaches, both viewers and participants brace for the unfolding drama, heartbreak, and personal growth.