Gordon Ramsay Opposes Expanding Family, While Wife Tana Enthusiastic About More Kids


Gordon Ramsay Opposes Expanding Family, While Wife Tana Enthusiastic About More Kids
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Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for his culinary expertise and no-nonsense demeanor, has dropped a surprising revelation about his family life. In a recent interview on the Dish podcast with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, the 56-year-old celebrity chef disclosed that his wife, Tana Ramsay, is keen on the idea of expanding their already sizable brood with another child.

The Ramsay family currently consists of Gordon, Tana, and their five children: Megan, 25; Holly and Jack, both 23; Matilda, 21; and the youngest, four-year-old Oscar James. However, it appears that Tana has her heart set on adding one more to their clan.

Gordon humorously shared his wife's desire, stating, "I've got a little secret... Tana wants another one." Despite Tana's enthusiasm, Gordon Ramsay admitted to having reservations about the prospect of welcoming a new addition to the family.

He couldn't resist a playful jab at the situation, quipping to the hosts, "That's too many buses. That's like going to school or out to dinner in two buses. And second, I'm going to be the oldest f****r at school. 'Who's your grandad?' and what about sports day and the egg and spoon race?"

Gordon's Parenting Philosophy

Gordon's humorous outlook notwithstanding, he confessed that while he'd love to have another child, he believes their current family of five is quite enough to handle.

"It's a lot going on," he admitted. The celebrity chef also shared amusing anecdotes about his youngest son, Oscar, who has recently started school. In typical Ramsay fashion, young Oscar complained about the school meals, leading to the father's solution of Oscar bringing his own packed lunches.

Gordon Ramsay has always maintained a close relationship with his children, but he's also known for instilling discipline and responsibility in them. In a 2017 interview with the Telegraph, he emphasized that his children must chart their own paths in life.

While he has provided a 25% deposit for a flat, he's made it clear that they won't inherit his entire fortune. "The only thing I've agreed with Tana is that they get a 25% deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat," he explained.

He has never been focused on the wealth aspect and believes in not spoiling his children with financial handouts. Instead, Ramsay encourages his children to learn the value of money by giving them allowances and expecting them to cover their own expenses, such as phones and bus fares.

He firmly believes that teaching them financial responsibility and having them earn their own way in life is essential to their upbringing. As the Ramsay family ponders the possibility of another addition, it's clear that Gordon Ramsay's strict yet practical parenting philosophy continues to guide their family life.

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