Phil Spencer Resumes Work Following Tragic Loss of Parents in Crash

Support pours in as Phil faces personal adversity.

by Nouman Rasool
Phil Spencer Resumes Work Following Tragic Loss of Parents in Crash
© Eamonn M. McCormack/GettyImages

Popular TV presenter, Phil Spencer, has made his brave return to the screen, mere weeks after the devastating passing of his parents. Fans of the beloved property series, "Location, Location, Location," were greeted by a touching video shared on social media by Phil’s co-host, Kirstie Allsopp.

In the video, the duo is seen back on set, showing their unyielding professional and personal bond. The short clip features Kirstie reflecting on the challenges of what her next social media post should encompass, especially after the overwhelming support she and Phil received after sharing the sorrowful news.

"You all sent such warm, heartfelt messages, and Phil was deeply moved," Kirstie mentions. As Phil makes his appearance, he expresses his gratitude: "I'm immensely grateful and, though I haven’t posted about this on Instagram, I cherish everyone's kind words."

Fans Rally Behind Phil's Return

Kirstie’s caption further encapsulated the sentiment: "Phil's returned to work, and he's been profoundly touched by your support.

Managed to have him express it on Instagram. Such a gem." The outpouring of love from fans was instantaneous. Comments ranged from admiration for Phil's courage to heartfelt sympathies, with many noting Kirstie’s unwavering support.

One fan remarked, "Seeing both of you together brings warmth. Your friendship is palpable. Sending all the love to Phil and his family during this time." The tragedy struck the Spencer family last month when Phil shared that his parents, David, 89, and Anne, 82, tragically lost their lives in a car accident on their cherished family farm located in Littlebourne, near Canterbury, Kent.

In an emotional note, Phil wrote about the poignant timing of their passing. "Despite facing health challenges like Mum's Parkinson's and Dad's Dementia, they left this world together. An inevitability my mother had resigned herself to, saying they'd likely depart as one." Phil’s heartfelt statement resonated with many, emphasizing the profound bond his parents shared.

"While the pain is immeasurable now, knowing they left this world together, after nearly six decades of marital bliss, on the farm they cherished, provides a solace for the days to come. They are together, which is undoubtedly where they always longed to be."