Dan Walker Slams Strictly for Not Pairing Nadiya Bychkova with Celeb

Highlighting Bychova's prowess, 2021 saw unexpected turns in Strictly

by Nouman Rasool
Dan Walker Slams Strictly for Not Pairing Nadiya Bychkova with Celeb
© Joe Maher/GettyImages

As the anticipation for the latest installment of Strictly Come Dancing heats up, eyebrows have been raised regarding one notable omission from the forthcoming series. Nadiya Bychova, one of Strictly's renowned professional dancers, appears to be left without a celebrity partner this season, according to recent reports.

The claim emerges despite the dance pairings yet to be officially announced. Dan Walker, the former BBC Breakfast host who graced the dance floor with Bychova in 2021, took to Instagram to voice his thoughts. "With the upcoming series of Strictly looming, the excitement is palpable.

And what an ensemble of talents we have this year!" Walker expressed. He continued, “While every pro is outstanding, it’s heartbreaking to hear that Nadiya won't be dancing with a celebrity. Despite not being in the limelight, I'm confident she's thrilled to contribute to the biggest show on television.

Still, not having her at the forefront feels like sidelining Messi during a World Cup final."

Walker and Bychova's 2021 Journey

Walker's partnership with Bychova in 2021 took them all the way to the quarter-finals. Their journey, which garnered a massive fanbase, was a testament to Bychova's incredible teaching prowess, despite receiving only lukewarm scores from the judges.

This marked her most significant accomplishment since her 2017 Strictly debut. Throughout her Strictly tenure, Bychova has danced with a variety of celebrity partners. These include notable figures like EastEnders' Davood Ghadami, Blue's Lee Ryan, and soccer legend David James.

In 2022, she shared the stage with Matt Goss, though they were the third couple to bid adieu. Notably, 2018 also saw her without a dance partner. Currently, Strictly boasts 18 professional dancers, with 15 celebrities slated to participate.

Inevitably, some pros go unpaired, though they maintain a prominent presence in group dances and serve as backups should any professional face unforeseen challenges. The behind-the-scenes processes leading to these pairings are intricate.

Before the series kicks off, celebrities and dancers engage in numerous practice sessions, ensuring chemistry. Producers also weigh factors like height and dance dynamics, ensuring each pairing is a visual and technical spectacle for the audience.