Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah's Romance and Custody Battle Take Center Stage

Hollywood's elite face personal battles beyond the big screen

by Nouman Rasool
Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah's Romance and Custody Battle Take Center Stage
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Acclaimed 'Scarface' actor, Al Pacino, 83, found himself in a legal tussle recently, involving his former love interest, Noor Alfallah, 29. Central to this dispute was the custody arrangement for their infant son, Roman Alfallah Pacino, born just three months ago.

The relationship between Al and Noor first blossomed in April 2022, with their romantic journey marked by the birth of Roman on June 6 at Cedar's Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles. Notably, Noor's OB-GYN, the Beverly Hills luminary Thais Aliabadi, has ties with celebrity circles, having even delivered for the Kardashians.

But tensions arose when Noor petitioned for full physical custody of Roman, only permitting Al "reasonable visitation". This request, made in Los Angeles, caught attention, especially with media outlet, The Blast, delving deep into the documents.

A fascinating twist was Noor's willingness to allow Al joint legal custody, letting him have a say in pivotal life choices for Roman, including decisions about education, religious guidance, and medical procedures.

Pacino's Paternity Under Spotlight

Given Pacino’s celebrated cinematic legacy and previous experiences with fatherhood - he's a father to Olivia and Anton, 22-year-old twins with Beverly D'Angelo, and Julie, 33, with Jan Tarrant - the case has gained significant traction.

Furthermore, a "voluntary declaration of parentage" was featured in Noor’s legal filing, co-signed by both her and Al, shortly after Roman's birth, cementing Al's paternity. It doesn’t end here. Noor, a UCLA School of Film and Television alumnus and now an emerging film producer, has had her fair share of high-profile relationships.

Her past includes romantic stints with figures like rock legend Mick Jagger, billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, and even being seen with actor Eli Roth and the iconic Clint Eastwood. However, she asserts her link with Eastwood was purely familial.

Insiders comment on Noor’s inclination towards dating mature, affluent men, pinpointing her affiliation with the "wealthy jet-set crowd". Her illustrious love life often overshadows her professional achievements, a testament to her knack for staying relevant in Hollywood’s spotlight.

On the other hand, Al's history with Beverly D'Angelo recently resurfaced. Beverly, 71, known for her role in 'National Lampoon's Vacation', reminisced about their unique bond on social media, referencing their deep connection as co-parents and partners.

Their heartfelt narrative, starting from a serendipitous encounter on a plane in 1996, to becoming parents of twins in 2001, and eventually separating in 2004, portrays the complexities of love in Tinseltown. In wrapping up, Al and Noor's tale, enriched with past romances, celebrated careers, and now a shared parenthood, is an emblematic Hollywood story - a blend of passion, intrigue, and the age-old quest for understanding and harmony.

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