Prince Harry Invites Meghan Markle as Chief Guest for Invictus Games

Royal Enthusiasm Shines at Invictus Games 2023

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry Invites Meghan Markle as Chief Guest for Invictus Games
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In a heartwarming display of affection, Prince Harry, the Duke of Suss*x, has seemingly conferred a special status upon his beloved wife, Meghan Markle, as she prepares to join him at the prestigious Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany.

On the third day of the games, Prince Harry was spotted enthusiastically mingling with the crowds and participants, setting the stage for Meghan's much-anticipated arrival as the event's "chief guest." The Duke of Suss*x, who embarked on this European journey without Meghan by his side, has been making solo appearances since his arrival in Germany, following a brief visit to his homeland.

Prince Harry officially inaugurated the 2023 Invictus Games with a poignant address that garnered a standing ovation, marking a significant achievement for the royal. While Meghan's imminent presence at the games has stirred excitement, it is Prince Harry's warm gesture of designating her as the "chief guest" that has captured hearts worldwide.

The decision has left fans and onlookers speculating about Meghan's role and her participation in this celebrated event.

Prince Harry's Engaging Involvement

Throughout the Games, Prince Harry has been a lively presence, wholeheartedly applauding and cheering on the competitors.

He was also seen engaged in conversation with notable figures, including Kenyan Senator Gloria Orwoba and Ukrainian Minister of Veteran Affairs, Yulia Laputina, underscoring his commitment to the Games' mission. During his opening speech, Prince Harry playfully teased a new rivalry with the Duchess, stating that Meghan, upon discovering her Nigerian heritage, would be enthusiastically supporting the Nigerian team.

He emphasized that while the Suss*xes don't "play favorites," the newfound connection would likely add an element of healthy competition to their relationship. "We're also thrilled to welcome new nations to our Invictus family," Prince Harry declared to the cheering crowd.

"Let's give a warm welcome to Colombia, Israel, and Nigeria. Now, I'm not saying we play favorites at home... but since my wife discovered her Nigerian heritage, it looks like things might get a little more competitive this year," he added with a charming smile.

Prince Harry's return to Germany for the Invictus Games follows a solemn moment where he attended a vigil at the late Queen's resting place on the first anniversary of her passing. As anticipation mounts for Meghan Markle's arrival, the world eagerly awaits the heartwarming moments that will undoubtedly unfold as the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x come together to celebrate the indomitable spirit of wounded veterans and military personnel from around the globe at the Invictus Games. Stay tuned for updates as the Games continue to inspire and unite nations.

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