Mikkelsen Criticizes Reporter's 'Diversity' Query at Venice Premiere

Actor Mads Mikkelsen confronts diversity standards at film event

by Nouman Rasool
Mikkelsen Criticizes Reporter's 'Diversity' Query at Venice Premiere
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Renowned actor Mads Mikkelsen and esteemed producer Nikolaj Arcel found themselves in the spotlight at this year's Venice Film Festival. The duo, at the helm of the new cinematic venture "The Promised Land," were questioned about the apparent lack of diversity in their movie, set against the historical backdrop of 1750s Denmark.

Mikkelsen, at the age of 57, brilliantly portrays an army captain battling societal norms and expectations in a tumultuous era. During a riveting Q&A session, one reporter keenly observed, “This is a cast and Danish production that’s predominantly Nordic.

Given Hollywood's evolving criteria, don't you think the cast lacks diversity?" The question hinted at the recent Academy guidelines stipulating that films vying for the Best Picture nomination must adhere to specific diversity and inclusion standards.

Mikkelsen Confronts Diversity Query

Mikkelsen, known for his candidness, swiftly interrupted with a sharp, “What are you on to?” The ensuing dialogue saw the actor challenging the reporter, questioning his intentions and asking, “Are you worried about it?” Arcel, ever the voice of reason, interjected, providing depth to the narrative.

He highlighted a pivotal plot element featuring a girl of color who experiences racism firsthand. Arcel stressed, “She was probably, at that historical moment, the sole person of color in all of Denmark”. He further elucidated, “It wasn’t a strategic oversight.

We aimed for historical accuracy. Imagining diversity in 1750s Denmark would seem out of place”. The reporter's inquiry and the responses it evoked underscore the complexities filmmakers face in marrying historical fidelity with modern-day representation concerns.

As Mikkelsen took a contemplative sip from his water, Arcel concluded, reiterating the commitment to authenticity, “It wasn't a conscious choice against diversity. It’s simply a reflection of that era”. As this discussion reverberates within industry circles, The Post reached out to representatives of both Mikkelsen and Arcel, awaiting further insights.

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