Prince Harry's Struggle Amid Meghan Markle's Malibu Relocation

Royal Couple's Future Raises Questions Amidst Unforeseen Revelations

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's Struggle Amid Meghan Markle's Malibu Relocation
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In an unfolding narrative that has captured the world's attention, Prince Harry is facing an unexpected internal battle as Meghan Markle reportedly insists on a significant relocation to the sunny shores of Malibu, delivering a resounding ultimatum: "like it or lump it." This demand from the former Suits actress has sent shockwaves through their relationship and appears to have taken a toll on the Duke of Suss*x, who sources say is grappling with a profound sense of 'depression' as a result.

Royal commentator Angela Levin, appearing on Sky News, has shed light on Prince Harry's reservations regarding this major shift. Levin disclosed that Prince Harry's discomfort with the idea of living in Malibu could be traced back to his previous experiences in Los Angeles, where he reportedly felt disconnected and out of place.

"I don’t think Harry wants to be in Malibu. They went and spent a short time in Los Angeles, and he hated it. He doesn’t want to be surrounded by celebrities, and I think that’s quite a statement from Meghan.

[He can] like it or lump it," Levin remarked.

Harry's Dilemma: Scared and Depressed

Levin went on to emphasize that this recent development has left Prince Harry feeling 'scared' and 'depressed' as it starkly contrasts his preferred peaceful life in Montecito, far removed from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Levin pondered the potential outcomes, stating, "If he doesn’t want it, what will he do? He’s scared. He’s so depressed now. He could say 'well I’m not coming' and opt to stay in Montecito. Meanwhile, Meghan, near her public relations team and the epicenter of the entertainment industry, might decide to relocate”.

Turning her attention to the couple's current residence in Montecito, Levin revealed that it was Meghan's "dream house." Yet, she raised the intriguing notion that Meghan, based on her past patterns, is seldom satisfied with her surroundings and is always on the hunt for something new and exciting.

"It was her dream house. She wanted to be near the sea because she used to go there when she was a small girl. But once she’s got it, she doesn’t want it anymore. She wants something else,” Levin disclosed. In a somewhat cautionary tone, Levin concluded by alluding to Meghan's alleged propensity for exploiting situations and individuals until they no longer serve her purposes.

This latest twist in the royal couple's life continues to captivate public attention, with many speculating on how Prince Harry will ultimately respond to this pressing dilemma, weighing his deep affection for Meghan against his own emotional well-being and sense of belonging.

As the world watches this unfolding saga, it remains to be seen whether the allure of Malibu will triumph over the tranquility of Montecito, and how Prince Harry's journey towards finding his place in this new world will unfold.

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