Discovery's 'Moonshiner' Star Jim Tom Hedrick Passes Away at 82

Moonshining Icon Jim Tom Hedrick's Enduring Legacy Remembered

by Zain ul Abedin
Discovery's 'Moonshiner' Star Jim Tom Hedrick Passes Away at 82
© Discovery/Youtube

Jim Tom Hedrick, a beloved figure in the world of moonshining and a prominent star of the Discovery Channel's hit series "Moonshiners," has sadly departed this world at the age of 82, succumbing to kidney cancer. His passing marks the end of an era for fans of the show and the moonshining community at large.

Sugarlands Shine Distillery, the iconic moonshine distillery featured on "Moonshiners," expressed their heartfelt condolences on Instagram, paying tribute to Jim Tom's lifelong dedication to the art of moonshining. In their statement, they emphasized, "Jim Tom dedicated much of his life to the art of moonshining, becoming a legend in Appalachia along the way." Jim Tom Hedrick was not just a television personality; he was a true craftsman of moonshining, earning a well-deserved reputation as one of the most skilled moonshiners in the South.

His mastery of the craft landed him a prominent role on the immensely popular show "Moonshiners," endearing him to the hearts of millions with his colorful personality and deep knowledge.

Jim Tom's Legacy: Mentor and Craftsman

Beyond the screen, Jim Tom was known for touching the lives of countless individuals.

He was passionate about passing on his lifetime of moonshining wisdom to a new generation of distillers, ensuring that this cherished craft would endure for years to come. His commitment to preserving the art of moonshining made him a mentor and an inspiration to many.

Jim Tom Hedrick made his debut on "Moonshiners" in Season 2 back in 2012 and continued to be a vital part of the show until 2017. His distinctive storytelling techniques and unparalleled craftsmanship in creating hand-crafted spirits made him a standout figure in Appalachia.

His original moonshine creations were in high demand throughout the South, a testament to his unparalleled skill. The president and founder of Sugarlands Shine Distillery expressed profound gratitude for Jim Tom's support and friendship over the years.

Jim Tom was one of the first veteran moonshiners to fully embrace Sugarlands when they opened their doors. His endorsement played a pivotal role in shaping the authenticity of Sugarlands Shine Distillery. In the wake of Jim Tom Hedrick's passing, the moonshining world mourns the loss of a true legend, a master craftsman, and a beloved personality.

His contributions to the craft of moonshining and his enduring impact on those he touched will be remembered and cherished for generations to come. Jim Tom leaves behind a legacy of artistry, camaraderie, and a deep love for the spirit of moonshining.