Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Bid Adieu to Summer with a Lavish Tropical Retreat


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa Bid Adieu to Summer with a Lavish Tropical Retreat
© Vivien Killilea/GettyImages

Popular celebrity couple Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa gave summer a fitting farewell with a tropical escapade, surrounded by their children and close friends. This couple, each at the age of 52, recently took to Instagram to give their multitude of followers a captivating glimpse into how they celebrated their Labor Day weekend.

Kelly Ripa captioned her Instagram Reel with an effusive “It’s so good,” adding the hashtag #SummerRenaissance, perfectly complemented by Beyoncé's rhythms playing melodiously in the background. The reel offers a montage of breathtaking moments from the family's vacation, notably spotlighting their daughter, Lola Consuelos, as she gracefully makes her way out of the ocean wearing a chic white belted swimsuit from Solid & Striped.

Though the exact ensemble donned by the 22-year-old NYU alumna has already flown off the shelves, fashion enthusiasts can find solace in a similar black and white belted version priced at $218.

Mark's Abs Steal the Spotlight

In a delightful series of snapshots, Kelly couldn't resist highlighting her husband Mark's impressively sculpted physique.

His chiseled abs, evident from multiple shirtless images, were prominently on display. Additionally, fans received a delightful peek into the couple's cherished moments with their sons, Michael and Joaquin Consuelos, and an unexpected appearance by Mark's "Riverdale" colleague, Cole Sprouse.

The duo, known for hosting "Live With Kelly and Mark", also graced their fans with affectionate sun-kissed selfies, underscoring their strong bond. The Instagram reel was met with waves of admiration, offering a behind-the-scenes view of the couple's heartwarming and playful weekend.

Among the numerous appreciative comments, one fan playfully remarked, "Your entire family could be the face of a Versace ad campaign!" Another gushed about the family's striking good looks, adding a cheeky nod to Mark's shirtless prominence in the reel.

Although Kelly enjoyed her spotlight in the reel, it remains a mystery how Lola reacted to the numerous shirtless images of her father. In a reminiscent nod to 2020, Lola had once light-heartedly chided her mother for frequently posting such 'thirst traps' of Mark, mentioning how she's since mastered the art of mentally sidestepping them.