Mark Harmon's Awaited NCIS Return Confirmed

NCIS fans anticipate Harmon's impactful on-screen resurgence

by Zain ul Abedin
Mark Harmon's Awaited NCIS Return Confirmed
© Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment

Fans of the hit crime series, NCIS, have been buzzing with excitement as rumors surface about Mark Harmon's potential return. Harmon, who has anchored the series with his compelling portrayal of Leroy Jethro Gibbs since its debut in 2003, had taken a step back from the limelight in 2021 to focus on family time.

However, as whispers make the rounds, it seems that the beloved actor may be contemplating stepping back onto the set. An exclusive insider confided to National Examiner about Harmon's life post-NCIS. "Mark cherishes his family time.

But lately, he’s been feeling a bit restless. With so much achieved in his illustrious career, it's understandable that a talent like his finds the daily routine a tad monotonous." Sources close to Harmon suggested that while he’s enjoyed his respite, the pull of the set has been beckoning.

“He's been yearning to reconnect with the cast and crew, even if it's in a limited role,” shared the confidante.

Harmon's Return: NCIS's Saving Grace

With Harmon turning 71 this year, it's a testament to his passion and commitment to acting that he’s considering a return.

The NCIS producers, on their part, are beyond ecstatic. "Mark’s absence has left an indelible void in the show. He's the heart and soul of NCIS," one insider exclaimed. The showrunners have reportedly been trying to woo Harmon back into the fold, and now, with this potential comeback, they're willing to meet any of his terms.

After all, Harmon isn’t just an actor; he's an institution in the show. Despite the jovial banter about Harmon's meticulous work habits and his penchant for homemade lunches, it’s clear that his presence on set was profoundly missed.

"He's always been the cornerstone, our guiding force, both on-screen and off," added the source. NCIS has seen a noticeable dip in its viewership in the recent seasons, prompting some to question its longevity. But many believe that if there's one person who can rejuvenate the show's spirit and bring back its golden days, it's Mark Harmon. As fans eagerly await an official announcement, the show's revival seems just a heartbeat away.