'My Fault' Star Gabriel Guevara Arrested for S*xual Assault


'My Fault' Star Gabriel Guevara Arrested for S*xual Assault
© Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Entertainment

In a startling development, Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, globally recognized for his role in Amazon Prime's film, "My Fault," has been arrested on charges of s*xual assault during his recent visit to the Venice Film Festival.

The acclaimed event turned somber for the 22-year-old actor when he was taken into custody following an international arrest warrant issued in France. Guevara, who was in Venice to accept the prestigious Filming Italy prize, became the epicenter of headlines after Venice's leading daily, La Nuova Venezia, first broke the story about the arrest, which transpired on Saturday, September 2nd.

The specifics surrounding the charges remain uncertain at this juncture. However, the gravity of the allegations, specifically s*xual assault, has resonated deeply in entertainment circles. While Guevara remains in protective custody, legal proceedings are in motion.

He awaits the decisive verdict of the Venice Court of Appeals, which will determine whether he will face deportation in light of these allegations.

Guevara's Arrest: Festival's Stance & Career Impact

In response to the unfolding events, the Venice Film Festival committee felt the urgency to address the situation publicly.

Through an official statement, the festival clarified that Guevara's visit to Venice had no affiliation or ties with any production or event related to the 80th Venice International Film Festival. Such a declaration underlines the festival's stance and the separation of its interests from the legal proceedings facing Guevara.

Apart from his famed role in "My Fault" — a film adaptation of a Wattpad novel, which gained significant traction earlier this year — Guevara boasts a formidable repertoire. His resume is studded with performances in a slew of Spanish films and television series.

The coming days will reveal the trajectory of his career in light of these grave accusations. This incident serves as a sobering reminder that the glitz and glamour of film festivals can swiftly become overshadowed by real-world controversies. As the story unfolds, the global entertainment community will undoubtedly be watching closely.