Unheard Diana Tapes Reveal Struggles with Marriage and Personal Battles

New tapes unveil royal emotions at Harry's christening.

by Nouman Rasool
Unheard Diana Tapes Reveal Struggles with Marriage and Personal Battles
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Over a quarter-century after Princess Diana's tragic passing, a set of previously unheard audio recordings have come to light. These tapes, which were originally documented by author Andrew Morton for his groundbreaking 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story,” have been made public for the very first time.

The recordings are set to be featured in the upcoming documentary, “Diana: The Rest of Her Story”. On a recent segment of “Good Morning America,” a part of the recording was played, capturing Diana’s candid feelings about her marriage to the now-King Charles, aged 74.

“It was so grown up. Here's Diana, a kindergarten teacher. I mean the whole thing was ridiculous,” the late princess reflected.

Charles's Hopes for a Daughter

Another revealing portion of the tape detailed Charles’s disappointment upon discovering that their younger son, Prince Harry, wasn’t a girl.

Diana recollected a moment when Charles shared his feelings with her stepmother, Raine Spencer, during Harry’s 1984 christening. Tom Jennings, the producer behind the anticipated documentary, emphasized the importance of these tapes for Diana's legacy.

The film will also shed light on Diana’s tumultuous relationship with her stepmother. In one intense audio clip, Diana confessed her bitter feelings towards Raine, highlighting the strife and emotions that characterized their relationship.

This documentary follows the 2017 film “Diana: In Her Own Words”. The earlier production unveiled previously unseen footage, offering a deeper understanding of Diana’s brief but impactful life. Diana and Charles formally ended their marriage in 1996, after a 15-year union that began in 1981.

Infidelity allegations against both played a significant role in their marital dissolution. The documentary delves into Diana's battle with bulimia, which intensified after learning about Charles's alleged affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, now known as Queen Camilla.

Dr. James Colthurst, Diana's close ally who provided Morton with the recordings, commented on the princess's deteriorating health post-discovery, noting her visible physical decline. Colthurst believes that Diana's battle with bulimia was largely a result of the emotional turmoil she experienced during her marriage.

Anne Allan, Diana's ballet instructor, who was interviewed for the documentary, expressed how deeply Diana was affected by the realization of Charles's love for another woman. Allan noted, “She loved Charles, yes, but Charles loved another woman... She felt that she wasn't enough”.