50 Cent Faces Charges for Throwing Mic at Fan

Concert Incident Raises Questions Amidst Legal Investigation and Allegations

by Zain ul Abedin
50 Cent Faces Charges for Throwing Mic at Fan
© Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

Renowned rapper 50 Cent is bracing himself for potential legal ramifications after an incident at a recent concert where he forcefully hurled his microphone into the crowd. According to exclusive reports from TMZ, the 48-year-old artist, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has become a subject of interest in a criminal felony battery investigation.

This development comes in the wake of a concertgoer being struck in the head by the airborne microphone, prompting the victim to lodge a formal police report. The incident occurred during the final leg of 50 Cent's acclaimed Final Lap tour in Los Angeles.

As the artist was performing on stage, he unexpectedly launched two microphones towards the audience. One of these microphones inadvertently hit Bryhana Monegain, an individual now identified as a prominent radio host for Power 106.

The reasons behind this aggressive act remain unspecified.

Alleged Intent and Impact: Investigation Underway

In the police report filed by Monegain, she alleges that 50 Cent deliberately made eye contact with her before propelling the microphone in her direction.

This suggests a level of intent on the artist's part, as if he were aware of her presence and purposefully directed the microphone towards her. The impact of the microphone striking Monegain resulted in a head injury, characterized by significant blood loss and an open wound.

The severity of the incident has prompted legal action and a formal investigation into the matter. In response to the allegations and subsequent police report, 50 Cent's legal representative, Scott Leemon, issued a statement to clarify the artist's perspective.

Leemon vehemently denies any deliberate intent to harm or strike anyone with a microphone. He emphasized, "It's crucial to be absolutely clear: my client Curtis, known as 50 Cent, would never intentionally inflict harm on anyone using a microphone." Leemon further rebuffed any claims that suggest otherwise, asserting that those making such claims lack access to the full scope of information and are thus misinformed.

As the legal proceedings unfold, both 50 Cent and his legal team are poised to address the accusations, ensuring that all facts are meticulously examined to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of the incident."