Justin Theroux Triumphs in NYC Trespassing Dispute

Theroux's legal tussle takes another favorable turn in court.

by Nouman Rasool
Justin Theroux Triumphs in NYC Trespassing Dispute
© Dimitrios Kambouris/GettyImages

Justin Theroux has landed a significant legal victory in an ongoing dispute with his Greenwich Village neighbor, Norman Resnicow. This recent court decision, as discovered by The Post, opens a pathway for the actor to potentially receive damages.

The long-standing legal feud dates back to 2017 when Theroux, the renowned actor of “Mulholland Drive” fame, filed a lawsuit against Resnicow. He alleged that the real estate attorney embarked on a harassment campaign against him and his then-spouse, Jennifer Aniston.

This purported campaign began soon after the couple initiated a $1 million renovation project. In the latest chapter of this saga, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gerald Lebovits declared that Resnicow's actions towards Theroux indeed fall under private nuisance.

This is defined as the deliberate and unreasonable disturbance of an individual’s right to the peaceful enjoyment of their property. Specifically, the suit charged Resnicow, 76, with trespassing, spying through Theroux’s windows, harassing hired contractors, and damaging the ivy on their shared rooftop space.

udge Consistently Sides with Theroux

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the judge has sided with Theroux. Previously, Lebovits ruled against Resnicow for trespassing on their shared roof deck. The judge has also permitted a jury to decide on some pending matters, particularly on potential damages that could be awarded to Theroux, which he seeks to the tune of at least $4.58 million.

While the two parties have attempted negotiations in the past, Resnicow's attorney, Peter Levine, confirmed these discussions broke down. Yet, Levine remains open to potential talks, emphasizing that discussions around procedural matters and possible settlements will inevitably occur prior to the trial.

Amongst the pending jury decisions is the curious case of a patio umbrella. Resnicow contends that Theroux's umbrella intrudes onto his side by two feet. He also claims that water drainage from Theroux's section adversely affects his property, and alleges that the actor intentionally used bright lights and other tactics to disrupt his peace.

However, Lebovits dismissed some counterclaims by Resnicow, specifically regarding the water runoff and the aforementioned umbrella. In a twist, the co-op board of the Washington Place building, where the two reside, slapped Resnicow with an eviction notice last year.

This stems from another suit, where Resnicow accuses the board of conspiring to make his life unbearable. Theroux, a star of HBO’s “The Leftovers” and a member of this board, was not spared from Resnicow's legal claims.

The latter’s lawsuit against the board was eventually dismissed but remains under appeal. Theroux’s legal team has chosen not to comment on this development.