Mitchel Musso of 'Hannah Montana' Quips about Arrest in Ironic Twist


Mitchel Musso of 'Hannah Montana' Quips about Arrest in Ironic Twist
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In an unexpected twist of events, former "Hannah Montana" star, Mitchel Musso, made headlines following his recent arrest on charges of theft and public intoxication. Yet, the 32-year-old actor has since refuted allegations of intoxication and attempted to shed light on the actual sequence of events.

Speaking candidly to People Magazine, Musso stated, "There was no theft, and I definitely wasn't drunk. It's all a big misunderstanding." Contrary to TMZ reports which detailed an altercation at the SpringHill Suites in Dallas Rockwall, Texas, Mitchel paints a different picture.

TMZ's report suggested that Musso was responsible for causing a “disturbance” after entering the hotel and allegedly consuming a bag of chips without intending to pay, eventually becoming “verbally aggressive” when confronted.

Musso Refutes Chips Incident Claims

Musso, however, firmly denied these allegations, clarifying that he didn't even open the bag of chips, yet had intentions to pay. The voice behind Phineas and Ferb's characters explained he had dropped by the hotel after surfing with buddies, intending to buy some snacks.

The actor attributes the overblown misunderstanding to a hotel staff member who took issue with his casual attire, notably his board shorts. Describing the peculiar turn of events, Musso recounted, "The employee, acting rather erratically, took the chip bag from me, berating me about how I was dressed.

His threat to call the police seemed ludicrous, and I told him to go ahead." The situation escalated unexpectedly when a horde of about 30 officers arrived on the scene. Recognizing Musso from his hometown, they referred to him on a first-name basis.

"I was surrounded, which was a jarring experience. But they knew me. I’ve grown up here," said Musso. Further complicating the matter were a couple of outstanding warrants dating back to 2019 for unpaid traffic tickets, leading to the aforementioned charges.

Despite the ordeal, Musso showcased his ability to find humor in even the most uncomfortable situations. Reflecting on his brief stint in jail, he humorously remarked, "You won't believe the complimentary snack in jail — Ruffles potato chips.

So, I eventually got my free chips!" The light-hearted jest underscores Musso's resilient spirit amidst challenging times.