Prince Harry's New Documentary Allegedly Takes Aim at Royal Family

Documentary Sparks Debate Over Focus and Couple's Presence

by Zain ul Abedin
Prince Harry's New Documentary Allegedly Takes Aim at Royal Family
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Prince Harry is facing criticism over his recently released documentary "Heart of Invictus," available on Netflix as of Wednesday. The Duke's documentary has sparked a backlash, with some viewers interpreting his statements as veiled criticisms directed at the royal family.

In the film, Prince Harry discusses his challenges after returning from his deployments in Afghanistan and his lack of a support network during that time. The Duke of Suss*x opens up about his personal struggle, highlighting that he lacked the necessary support structure and expert advice to address his mental health concerns effectively.

He sheds light on the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly within the military, and his desire to break down these barriers in society. Prince Harry reflects on the trigger for his own struggles, explaining, "The stuff that was coming up was from 1997, from the age of 12, losing my mom at such a young age, the trauma that I had I was never really aware of, it was never discussed." He describes how he suppressed these emotions until they eventually overwhelmed him, emphasizing that therapy often becomes a consideration only when one is at their lowest point.

Viewer Critiques Amid Couple's Involvement

Despite the focus on veterans' experiences, some viewers criticized the documentary for what they perceive as the spotlight being redirected onto Prince Harry. One viewer mentioned, "Thought the documentary is about veterans and not cry-baby Harry." Another expressed similar sentiments, indicating that Harry's personal struggles seemed to dominate the narrative instead of solely highlighting veterans' stories.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle makes an appearance in the documentary, introducing Prince Harry during the opening ceremony of the Games. While some believe that this documentary could help reshape the public image of the couple, others remain skeptical.

Anti-racism activist Imarn Ayton suggests that the damage may already be irreversible due to previous controversies involving the Duke and Duchess. Nonetheless, experts and supporters have lauded the documentary for its positive focus on the Invictus Games and its impact.

Sky News royal correspondent Laura Bundock commends the project's success and notes its distinction from the couple's earlier Netflix series, "Harry & Meghan." As for the Royal Family's perspective, this documentary is anticipated to receive a more favorable reception compared to previous controversies.

Cameron Walker, GB News royal correspondent, praises the series for portraying a glimpse of the "old Prince Harry," which may resonate well with viewers and potentially mend relations within the public eye. With the royal family currently on vacation at Balmoral, the documentary's positive angle could provide a reprieve from recent tumultuous events.

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