John Schneider's Last Deception to Wife Alicia Unveiled


John Schneider's Last Deception to Wife Alicia Unveiled
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John Schneider, the famed star of "Dukes of Hazzard", recently opened up about the heart-wrenching loss of his wife, Alicia Allain, who succumbed to breast cancer this past February after battling the disease for four years.

Speaking candidly with PEOPLE in his first detailed interview post her passing, Schneider delved deep into the final moments he shared with Alicia, revealing the comforting words he uttered, as well as the emotional white lie he told to ease her pain.

"I reassured her, telling her it was alright if she felt the need to move on, to reconnect with her grandparents," shared the 63-year-old actor. "That much was true."

Schneider's Heartfelt Confession

He paused, visibly emotional, before adding, "But I did bend the truth when I told her I'd be alright without her.

Deep down, I know I'm a long way from being okay. I believe she understood that." Alicia wasn’t just John's life partner; she wore many hats professionally, including those of a producer, actress, and hairstylist. Her talent can be seen in films such as "Auto Focus", "Leather Jackets", and "Caged Fear".

The couple tied the knot in 2019, shortly after Alicia was diagnosed with breast cancer. Beyond being soulmates in life, Schneider and Allain were inseparable in their creative pursuits. They collaborated on various music and film projects, drawing inspiration from one another.

To honor Alicia's memory, Schneider is set to release an album titled "We're Still Us" as a tribute to their enduring bond. Although Schneider was Alicia's unwavering pillar of support throughout her illness, he wasn't by her side during her final moments.

Reflecting on this, he surmised that she might have intentionally waited for his absence, knowing how profoundly her passing would affect him. Recounting his last words to her, Schneider shared with evident emotion, "I told her how deeply I loved her and that I envisioned a long future together. I meant every word, because I believe in an eternal bond. And I'm holding onto that belief."