Jimmy Kimmel Considered Retirement Pre-Strike

Late-night banter reveals Kimmel's playful retirement sentiments.

by Nouman Rasool
Jimmy Kimmel Considered Retirement Pre-Strike
© Emma McIntyre/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel, the acclaimed late-night host, had been contemplating retirement just before the Writers Guild of America declared their strike in May. This hiatus, however, seems to have rekindled his passion for late-night hosting.

In the debut episode of "Strike Force Five", a brand-new podcast featuring the collaboration of esteemed late-night hosts - Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, and Kimmel himself - the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

anchor divulged his prior inclinations to retire. He expressed to his colleagues, "I had almost set my heart on retiring just when the strike kicked off. But now, I've realized the charm of work. It's ironic, you always ponder about taking a break while you're buried in work."

Kimmel's 'Tom Brady' Tease

Seth Meyers, always the one to probe deeper, challenged the sincerity of Kimmel's revelation, jestingly commenting, "Really, Jimmy? You're like the Tom Brady of late-night, always hinting at retirement but never leaving the game." To which Kimmel wittily retorted, "Well, think of me as Tom Brady, just without the rings or fingers." When Meyers asked if they should actually believe that retirement was on Kimmel's radar, the host confirmed he'd shared his retirement musings privately with some of the group before.

Jimmy Fallon chimed in with, "Though to be honest, we didn't really think you meant it." During this inaugural podcast, the group also shed light on the genesis of "Strike Force Five". Kimmel reminisced about the previous writers' strike, highlighting the lack of communication and the subsequent misunderstandings amongst the late-night hosts.

This prompted Colbert's suggestion for collective dialogues to address mutual concerns during this strike. Beyond camaraderie, there's a noble motive driving this podcast. Kimmel clarified, "Our primary motive behind this venture is to financially assist members of our respective crews.

Presently, every single individual, from writers to technicians involved in TV shows, is jobless. Hence, all the proceeds from this podcast will be channeled to them."