Exclusive: Levy & Gutiérrez Still United & Celebrating!

Celebrities Levy and Gutiérrez spotted in a surprising rendezvous.

by Nouman Rasool
Exclusive: Levy & Gutiérrez Still United & Celebrating!
© Rodrigo Varela/GettyImages

In a surprising twist of events, recent developments may challenge William Levy's declaration about his relationship status just over a month ago. The Cuban actor had taken to Instagram to confirm his singlehood, stating, "I am alone.

Believe me, I have more than one reason to be." Yet, a recent exclusive video clip obtained by ¡HOLA! Americas paints a different picture. The footage suggests that there might still be romantic embers burning between Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

The two were seen celebrating Levy’s 43rd birthday, which fell on August 29. Clearly, the special day hasn't slipped past his dedicated fans or Elizabeth, the mother of his children. The pair chose to mark the occasion a bit early at the renowned Gekko restaurant in Miami, a property owned by artist Bad Bunny.

Levy and Gutiérrez's Mysterious Outing

Captured leaving the restaurant on August 26, Levy and Gutiérrez were joined by a young woman. The trio was seen getting into the same car. Gutiérrez was nothing short of radiant, dressed in a form-fitting white ensemble.

Her relaxed demeanor was complemented by her flowing locks. Complementing her, Levy sported white trousers paired with a beige polo shirt. However, unlike Gutiérrez's ease, Levy’s expression hinted at a touch of seriousness, perhaps a sign of awareness of the prying lenses.

While the actress took the passenger seat and their companion settled in the back, Levy slid into the driver's seat, and the trio drove off. Interestingly, in an age where social media updates are often instantaneous, both Levy and Gutiérrez have remained tight-lipped about this meet-up.

There hasn't been a single hint from either party about a possible reconciliation. Gutiérrez hasn’t even extended birthday wishes to Levy publicly on social platforms. Still, her support for him has been evident, especially during the recent passing of his cherished grandmother.

It's worth revisiting Levy’s statement from July 23rd. Addressing rumors about his alleged link-up with co-star Samadhi Zendejas in “Vuelve a mí” aired on Telemundo, he shared, "My people... after witnessing numerous speculations without the real story being known: I am alone.

I have my reasons. As for what lies ahead, it's uncertain. Currently, my children and career are my sole focus." Levy's words, juxtaposed with the recent sightings, keep the mystery alive in the world of celebrity romance. Only time will tell what the future holds for these two.