Pete Davidson Reportedly Using Ketamine for Depression


Pete Davidson Reportedly Using Ketamine for Depression
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In recent times, the use of ketamine to combat depression has been gaining traction, with personalities like Elon Musk vouching for its benefits. Depression, often under-recognized, can be a relentless adversary, even more so for those thrust into the limelight at a tender age.

An individual like Pete Davidson, who faced the harrowing loss of his father in the 9/11 tragedy, can attest to this. Davidson's battles with depression are no secret; nor is his frank discussion of his struggles with substance use.

As murmurs of Pete Davidson enrolling in a rehabilitation facility began to circulate, concerns regarding his mental health intensified. Setting the record straight, Davidson took center stage, while opening for Dave Chapelle at Madison Square Garden.

He clarified that he had been experimenting with microdoses of ketamine as a potential remedy for his persistent depression. This revelation aligns with information sourced by Page Six, who communicated with a close acquaintance of Davidson, thereby corroborating the claims.

FDA Approves Ketamine Nasal Spray

In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration greenlit the use of ketamine in a nasal spray format. This mode of application is consistent with Davidson's chosen method of intake. Academic studies from various esteemed institutions emphasize ketamine's potential, deeming it superior in treating depression than other available medications.

It's essential to underscore that while Davidson is trialing the effects of ketamine, he is not continually under its influence. In a candid conversation with Charlamagne tha God, he shed light on his chronic bouts with depression, often having to consciously steer himself out of the abyss.

Davidson voiced his disconcertion about the heightened public concern for his mental well-being, confessing it leads him to retract and isolate. He identifies such phases as his lowest moments, having experienced them recurrently.

While a variant of ketamine is known to be used as a horse tranquilizer, its adaptation for human use - primarily as an anesthetic - has been transformational. Its emerging role as an antidepressant is undeniably heralded as groundbreaking in medical spheres.

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